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Thread: Victoire Weasley

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    I'm pretty sure that Victoire is a Seventh Year at the time of the Epilogue, because I think Rowling said in an interview that she was born on the one year anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, thus the inspiration for her name.

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    Ok thanks guys, I just wanted to make sure that I had my dates right :]


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    JKR said that she was bron on the anniversary of the battle (May 2nd) - but if it was the one-year anniversary, Victoire would not be at Hogwarts in the epilogue. She must be at least two years younger than Teddy (who would be 19 in the epilogue) in order to still be at Hogwarts (17 or younger).

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    Yes, the date of her birth is another one of those plot holes in the series... Jo commonly mixes up on dates, especially things as minor as this.

    See, Victoire is supposed to be born on the one year anniversary of Hogwarts, according to Jo. So it was 1999 when she was born.

    Albus Potter's first year is in 2017. At that time, Teddy is 19. Victoire would be 18 if we take her birthday as 1999. And yet Teddy is seeing her away for a new year at Hogwarts. >.>

    The only plausible alternative is to have her start Hogwarts at 12 or something, due to some reason. But that is a kinda crazy reason... >.>

    I am currently trying to write a Teddy/Victoire, so you'll probably get more posts from me.

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    The only plausible alternative is to have her start Hogwarts at 12 or something, due to some reason. But that is a kinda crazy reason... >.>
    She actually, technically, could have been twelve when she started. In HBP, Ron comes 'of age', so that would have made him twelve before the end of PS/SS. Same with Hermione. According to JKR, Hermione was born in 1979, whilst Harry and Ron were born in 1980. So Hermione would have been twelve in PS/SS, right at the start of the year, in fact, as her birthday is 19th September. But that fact actually contradicts the whole 'Ron turning seventeen in HBP' thing... JKR really needs to think things out better...

    I think you're safe saying that Victoire eighteen in her seventh year, though.


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    Well, I think it VERY possible that she's fluent in french if hre mother spoke french with her and if she knew the french side of her family well. I'm saying (writing-well, I THINK this ) because, being half german - I did live there, so it's different - but I now attend the German School and there are quite a few people who never lived there but still speak it well, because they just hear it all the time.

    And I love the idea of Charlie and George raising her as a 'Proper Weasley'!!! (very likely too, knowing George )

    I think she would have times where her temper would get the better of her, but in general be very nice and outgoing, not as snobbish as Fleur although she might be proud...

    And as to her age (and Hermione's) Hermione was born in fall, so she turnes 12 shortly after starting school, so she is 9 months older than Harry (about) but STARTS SCHOOL WITH 11.
    This doesn't fit to Victoire though, as her birthdays in early May.


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    Regarding Victoire's age: in Scotland the age for starting primary school, and therefore secondary school, tends to be slightly different to England.

    "In Scotland, compulsory education starts at age five, although many children start at four because schools have a single intake at the beginning of the school year. Local authorities set a cut-off date (normally 1st March) defining the cohort of children eligible to start school at the beginning of the following school year (normally in August). This means that Scottish children do not usually start school below the age of four years and six months."(Quoted from an education website.)

    Stay with me now.

    So a child who turns four between March and August would start school not the following September, (aged four and a bit,) but the September after that, aged five (and a bit.) Children who turn four between September and Feburary, can either start school the following September, aged four (nearly five,) or defer a year and start school aged five (nearly six.)

    This means that children starting secondary school in September are usually already twelve, unlike in England where they will be eleven.

    If Victoire was living in Scotland as a child, and her birthday is in May, she would start school in September aged five and five months, and would start secondary school aged twelve and five months. Meaning that she would turn 18 in the May of her sixth year of school, and start her seventh year aged 18 and five months. It seems reasonable to assume that Hogwarts operates like a Scottish secondary school, when it comes to age. (I think I've even seen this confirmed by JKR, but I can't for the life of me imagine where!)

    Hope that made sense!

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    I have been reading over the Teddy thread about his potential future careers, and that has gotten me thinking about what could be a potential career for Victoire when she leaves Hogwarts. I'd like to steer away Healer and Auror if I could, we all know how those careers have become such a cliche.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    I've had her as a Curse-Breaker like her dad. It might be a cliche, but I wanted something active for her to do and a lot of kids do follow in their parent's footsteps.

    For some reason I turned Dominique into a top chef/ random.

    Regarding an earlier debate about Victoir's DOB. She was born on the anniversary of the Battle, but asn anniversary doesn't have to mean 1st anniversary, it could always be second.

    Regarding what age Victoire started secondary school. I think she'd have started age 11 in the year she turned 12. Scottish secondary schools may operate differently from English ones, but Hogwarts worked the way English schools do, with the schoool year from Sept-August. I can't see them changing their system because the Scottish Muggles do. Wizards aren't very progressive.


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    I always thought Victoire would be a Professor, or an intern at the Ministry, (always complaining about it, of course), making just a bit of cash, until she had enough to support herself for a bit while she looks for a new job. Or a journalist.

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