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Thread: Victoire Weasley

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    Victoire Weasley

    I have been wondering about her personality.
    I am writing a LONG Teddy/Victoire fic, and I have got Teddy, but I can't quite figure out Victoire.
    Thoughts on her personality?

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    This is a toughie because JKR never really said much on her, but I'll try to help!
    I think that Victoire will look a lot like her mother, but act less haughty and more laid back than Fleur, having spent most of her life with the Weasley brood. She'll probably be brave, as both Bill and Fleur are. She'll definitely be in Gryffindor. You might want to make her a bit of a rebel (like Ginny, but different). She'll be smart as well, but maybe one of her flaws is that she has a quick temper, and it may add to her uniqueness if she starts jabbering in French when she gets mad or something, though she doesn't show any signs of French speech elsewhere.
    I think it really helps to do a question/answer sort of thing, like in the OC section, even though Victoire isn't an OC. I hope that sort of helps!

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    I think that she might be a bit proud and probably quite a bit stubborn. She's probably not very Veela-like, since she only has 1/8 Veela blood in her, but probably have Fleur's looks. I agree with Mudblood_and_Proud_of It that OC thread might be easier for you to get to know her.

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    All right, looks I'll start out with. I think she'll have blonde hair, like her mother, but with a bit of red in it. So a blondie strawberry blonde. I see her as having brown eyes, that sparkle. (I've figured this by my small knowledge of genetics, and all that. Take your 'creative freedom' with it.)

    Now, personality. Well, as she has no inhibitions about snogging in public, we can figure she's a bit carefree, even reckless. She must not really care what people care about her, or she doesn't show it. I'd think she'd be somewhat popular, and likes being around her friends. I agree on Gryffindor. She is a Weasley, right?

    Random fact: Her birthday is May 2nd.

    The hard part of writing her will be setting her apart from the other writer's versions of her. Just don't make her a new, more superficial Fleur, who is absolutely perfect and the most popular girl in school, and so on. . . . And you'll be good, I think.


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    Victoire's personality

    Yep, I know where you're coming from--I've got details written out for a long Teddy/Victoire fic as well, but as it may never happen...

    My theory, as in said unwritten fic: Victoire was born blonde, silk blankets, silver spoon, etc.--and for fear that the first Weasley grandchild would turn out like Fleur, George and Charlie took an oath over her cradle to raise her a proper Weasley. They just overdid it a bit, you know? Too much time in the joke shop, dangerous games while babysitting, a simple day outing with Charlie meaning flooing to Romania to see Norberta and the other dragons, Weird Sisters concerts, Quidditch matches..."overdone" to the point that by the time she's six years old, Fleur gives up trying to make a lady out of her and forbids her uncles from babysitting Dominique and Louis (Victoire's younger siblings).

    Long, dyed-red-but-not-quite-Weasley-red hair, grey eyes, one gold hoop earring, ripped jeans and wizard band t-shirts all the time...oh yeah, Fred's dragonskin jacket, a gift from George for her birthday...curses in fluent French, plays either beater or seeker on Gryff. team, has a "punch people" rather than "go for the wand" reflex (which can get her in tight corners), WAAAYYY out of bounds all the time but practically never gets caught, group of OC friends who organize mad, adventurous, and somewhat illegal schemes around her...

    That's a pretty specific Victoire. Tomboy might be an easier route to take than punkish rulebreaker, but as other people have said, I can't see her being very Fleurish at all. Definitely more like Bill (or George, or Charlie, for that matter). Good luck figuring out what you'll do with her. It's sort of wide open.


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    I agree. I definantly don't believe Victoire's uncles would have ever allowed her to become Fleur's Mini-Me, but I still believe her mother would have had some influence over her. Like her mother, she may have learned that being part veela has it's perks, and, if she really is smart like people believe, she would use it to her full advantage. But I also see her as a Weasley in the fact that she would have a temper and being a Gryffindor.

    Poor Victoire, she's caught between two parents where the family traites refuse to die. I think I feel even more sorry for Teddy, though. Porr sap has no idea what he's getting into!

    I also wonder about Victoire's French heritage, being the child of immigrants myself. Do you believe Fleur spoke French to her from the time she was a baby and she is now fluent, or does she know only enough to titter and swear? Do you think Fleur would try to encourage her French side, or since she is living in Britain and going to a British school, want her to be a British child so she wouldn't stand out as much? What do you believes Victoire's relationship with her Weasley reletives is like? And her Delacour reletives?

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    I doubt Victoire would be fluent in French. I know a girl whose parents are both from Germany, and she can speak and understand German well but not perfectly - she reckons her speaking is full of grammar errors (I wouldn't know!). I also have a friend who has grown up bilingual in Portuguese and English (living in Portugal for a lot of her life). Her English is really good but not quite completely natural and fluent, and she thinks that she probably makes about as many mistakes in Portuguese as she does in English. Then again, I also know a girl who's from Iran and had never spoken English before she moved here at age ten. When I met her at age 14, her English was pretty much perfect (and she speaks it about two times faster than your average person!). She's incredibly outgoing and talkative, so I guess it comes from a lot of practice.

    Enough of my anecdotes, anyway... my point is that it can vary quite a lot, depending on the person and their circumstances. Victoire has most likely lived in Britain her whole life with one French parent and one parent who only speaks limited French. Fleur would speak English when Bill's around presumably, so Victoire would not have very much exposure to the French language. I'd expect English to be very much her dominant language, and her level of French could vary: you may choose to make her have no interest in it at all and know only a few useful phrases, or you may choose to have her be almost fluent. But if you want to say that she's fluent, I'd give some supporting reasons as to how she became so good. Perhaps the Delacour-Weasleys lived in France for a while when she was younger? I'd definitely expect that some serious immersion in the language would have to occur for her to be really good, not just her mother occassionally speaking French. Or maybe Fleur purposefully teaches her children French, along with their other lessons in their pre-Hogwarts days (as pure-blood wizarding children, it's quite likely that they wouldn't be sent to a Muggle primary school). Basically, for Victoire to get good at French, she'd need plenty of opportunity to practice.

    Do you think Fleur would try to encourage her French side, or since she is living in Britain and going to a British school, want her to be a British child so she wouldn't stand out as much?
    Fleur seems to be proud of her French heritage - I imagine she'd cook French food at home and so on, but since Victoire's Weasley family will be around the most, she'll be very much immersed in British life. I don't think Fleur would intentionally try to prevent her child from standing out - more the opposite, wouldn't you say? She'd want her children to be proud of their French and Veela heritage.

    What do you believes Victoire's relationship with her Weasley reletives is like? And her Delacour reletives?
    The Weasleys will be around a lot, and she'll probably love being part of an enormous close-knit family, most of the time at least. It all depends on her personality though! As the first grandchild, she'll get a lot of attention from Molly and Arthur and her uncles in her early years, so she'll probably be quite close to some of them (you couldn't expect her to be best friends with all of her relatives, though).
    She wouldn't see her Delacour relatives as often, but I imagine her grandparents would dote on her and spoil her, as would Gabrielle, who would have still been a teenager when Victoire was born.

    I hope that helps!
    ~ Chelsea

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    Victoire would deffinatly be more laid back than her mother, but I can still see her having a haughty air about her. She probably be proud of her heritage as much as her mother was. Not to weasley-ish at all, maybe in some ways.

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    What year would Victorie be in during Albus' first year at Hogwarts? I have her as a Seventh year, but I don't know if that's correct.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GinervaPotter213
    What year would Victorie be in during Albus' first year at Hogwarts? I have her as a Seventh year, but I don't know if that's correct.
    Rowling hasn't told us for certain exactly when Victoire was born. All we know for certain from the Epilogue is that she's still in school when Albus starts. She's usually assumed to be 6th or 7th year, since otherwise she might be considered a little young for 19-year-old Teddy to be snogging her, but she could be younger. (Maybe that Veela blood makes her mature for her age...)

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