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Thread: Hufflepuffs Hurtle Towards the Goal!

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    Hufflepuffs Hurtle Towards the Goal!

    Hello, all!

    This is the thread where the Hufflepuff Quidditch team can post their drabbles! We've done a lot of planning, so now's the time to get going!

    So, team-mates, you know who you are, and I have one question:

    Are you ready for some Quidditch?

    OK, so you all received details and planning through the PMs we did, but i'll just quickly refresh you of our prompt:

    The prompt:

    A group of friends are sitting in the Main Hall of Hogwarts during breakfast when there is a commotion in the hallway. Going out to investigate, the friends find a notice posted on the door leading to the outside of the castle. It reads:

    Private professional Quidditch practices to be held on the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch for the next seven days. ONE DAY will be set aside for a group of seven lucky students to receive a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn first-hand from the professionals how to improve their game. The prize will be a match against the professional players played in front of the entire student body. If interested please see Professor McGonagall.
    We've done a lot of planning, you know what to do

    Just remember:

    -Help each other out – beta each other’s drabbles and give each other tips!
    -Keep the drabbles 100 words or less
    -Enjoy yourself and have fun!

    If you have any problems, questions or concerns, feel free to PM me

    Remember, it’s not about winning, but taking part and knowing we all worked together to make a smashing story!


    Go Badgers

    So, if anyone on the team wants to start us off, it's entirely up to you what happens first


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    *Swings leg over brand new broom* Ok, lets go guys! Here's the first drabble I wrote Hope it's ok.

    Scorpius placed a kiss timidly on Rose’s cheek and she blushed as red as her hair. James Potter, her cousin, scowled in disapproval and turned back to his conversation with Fred Weasley. Albus Potter, his sister Lily and their other cousin Hugo Weasley were occupied with their own animated discussion. Lily and Hugo listened with awed eyes at how he was learning to transfigure his dove into a pure glass goblet in class.

    A loud excited shout turned their attention to the pushing and shoving in the hallway just off the Entrance Hall of Hogwarts.
    95 words! Squee!

    Whose next?

    *squishes team*

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    Yay! Go Nicole lol.

    They all stood up, abandoning their breakfast, and fought their way to the front of the crowd, where they found a notice pinned to the door.

    Private professional Quidditch practices to be held on the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch for the next seven days. ONE DAY will be set aside for a group of seven lucky students to receive a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn first-hand from the professionals how to improve their game. The prize will be a match against the professional players played in front of the entire student body. If interested please see Professor McGonagall.
    Words: 99

    Pretty boring, but i thought it needed to be written Next up! Let's get the ball rolling


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    Okay, so, in my drabble I came to a few issues. I think we need to establish what years our group are in. I tried to work my way around it this time, and here's what I came up with:

    James and Fred turned to each other and grinned.

    “This should be fun,” Fred said, looking quite large amongst the younger students crowded around him.

    James laughed as several first-years darted between their legs to get to the notice. Albus, Lily, and Hugo were standing near the back of the crowd, too timid to fight for the front. Fred and James ventured back to them.

    “What’s going on?”


    Lily looked puzzled, “But that happens every year. Why are we all so excited about it now?”

    Hugo and Albus looked back to Fred.
    word count: 93

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    My turn!

    “First of all, dear cousin,” Fred said, looking back at Lily, who looked confused. “Quidditch is exciting everyday, anytime – no matter if it’s played any year. Second, this is more then just a normal Quidditch match! SEVEN LUCKY STUDENTS will learn from professionals to improve! They could play against them in front of everyone!”

    “Oooh, that sounds fun! I want to do it!” Hugo said excitedly.

    “Well, Hugo, do you know seven people that would like to play with you?” Fred said, smirking.

    “Well….no…” Hugo said, a frown replacing his broad smile.

    “I will!” said Lily.
    95 words.


    PS: 50505050505050

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    Oh yeah! Thanks for pointing that out Emma. We'll have to be sure to remember who's younger and older...good thinking

    ‘I would love to do that,’ Rose said excitedly.

    ‘I’m already on the Quidditch team,’ said James smugly, ‘there’s no way I’m going to give up the chance to train with the professionals! Albus?’

    ‘I dunno…I’ve always wanted to be a Beater…’

    ‘Great!’ Lily cried. ‘Scorpy, will you join us? You’re such a great Quidditch player!’

    While Fred made retching noises behind Lily’s back, Scorpius nodded enthusiastically.

    They all looked expectantly at Fred, who raised his eyebrows.

    ‘Please!’ Rose begged him.

    ‘Oh fine…I suppose I’d make a good Beater too.’

    ‘Yay!’ The girls cried.

    ‘We’ve got a team!’ Hugo shouted.
    Words: 100 dead on



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    Whoo, my turn again... Let's see what I can come up with *racks brain*

    As they excitedly made their way down the hallway towards Professor McGonagall's office, James's mouth dropped.

    They had turned into the office's hallway, but in front of them were already a giggling, laughing line of other students, all waiting to see McGonagall.

    "This is going to take forever," whined Hugo and Fred’s lips twitched.

    Fred rolled up his sleeves and pulled out his wand and replied with a smirk, "Not if I can help it."

    “Ladies and gentlemen!” called Fred loudly, attracting the attention of the line of students. “May I present to you my cousin James, the dancing monkey.”
    *grin* I just thought I'd throw in a little humor right about now to help out little gang.

    Have fun to the person who is next LD


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    So sorry, guys. It took me a day or so to figure out where I was going to go with this monkey thing... (and also, I've been slightly extremely busy with the Gauntlet, AND this week was jury week at my school AND I've got exams next week. >.>)

    James took the cue when Fred suddenly transformed him into a monkey. He flew down the hallway with aerobatics, taking several of the groups standing in line with him. His friends and cousins quickly snuck forward.

    Not five minutes later, they found themselves to be the third group signing the sheet of paper. Everyone grinned as they walked back out into the hallway to find a grinning James leading the group back up to the office.

    “Not bad, mate,” Fred clapped James on the shoulder. “Not bad at all.”
    It's only 89 words, but I need to ask you guys something.

    I'm not sure that Fred would have the power to transform another human being into a monkey, but I had to go with it because of the line that Nicole had in there about Fred's wand. I was wondering if maybe we wanted to make them all animagi (er - just the older ones, for now. Like maybe Fred and James.) Because, you know, with their ancestory and all...

    I seem to be findng problematic areas everywhere... >.< sorry.

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    Hm, i was unsure about the monkey thing to, but of course, you guys managed to keep it good Nicole, you added a bit of humour - well done! We needed that, lol. And Emma, you managed to keep the story flowing and to come up with something realistic - that's why we're a team Sorry i haven't been posting often. I'm doing my GCSEs at the moment. I'm sure you can understand's what i came up with:

    That night in the Gryffindor common room, everyone was talking about the Quidditch practices with professionals. Nearly every Gryffindor was part of a team. James, Lily, Rose, Albus, Hugo and Fred were sat in the best chairs, talking excitedly.

    ‘Which professional team do you think they’ll get?’ Hugo asked eagerly.

    ‘I hope it’s the Chudley Cannons,’ said Fred, ‘they’re the best.’

    ‘Oh please,’ Lily groaned, ‘everyone knows the Chudley Cannons are complete losers.’

    ‘Well, whoever it is,’ said Albus, ‘I just hope we win! I’d give anything to play against a famous Quidditch team.’

    The others all shouted in agreement.
    Words: 100

    Hm, i didn't get very much done in that drabble lol. According to our plan, this is the night before the first pratice, so whoever writes next can either finish the conversation (preferably talking about something relevant like other competeters from other houses or something) or just send them off to bed I think we're doing well so far! We're moving along at a good speed. But remember the challenge end 1st June at midnight, so that's 16 (? i can't do maths lol) days and just over 2 weeks to get it done, so we need to keep moving on swiftly

    GO BADGERS! Great job so far, guys


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    Sorry guys for not posting a lot. Exams and projects are taking up my life. Gah. >.>

    “Well” said Fred confidently, “Us Weasley’s just HAVE to win. Out mum’s a Quidditch player, after all!”

    “We have to win too!” said Albus. “Our dad played Quidditch when he was in school, and us Potter’s need to live up to him! Both boys glared at each other.

    “Oh, c’mon guys! As long as we work together, it doesn’t matter about proving anything!” Lily said, coming between the two boys. “Right?”

    “Right, Lily!” Rose bounced, coming to stand next to her, hands on her hips. “Anyway, that monkey distraction earlier was pretty cool, James.”
    96 words.


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