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Thread: Christmas presents from parents

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    Christmas presents from parents

    I am working on a one-shot involving Snape. The story takes place on Christmas. I was wondering what type of present his parents would have given him. He is 17 and stayed at Hogwarts for the holiday.
    Any suggestions would help as I am at a loss. I remember Mrs. Weasley saying it was traditional to give a watch on the 17th birthday, but Snape is already 17 and will be turning 18 in January.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Well it really depends on what kind of parents you are giving him... if you are giving him loving parents them give him a bigger present. BUT if you are staying true to the book and are going to give him poor, abusive parents then I say that you have them give him nothing.
    Good luck with your story!

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    My first thought was a potions book or a dark arts book. Those might be a bit boring though.

    Maybe something needed as a plot device? It could be a journal he writes in later in the story, a potion of some sort, or something passed down through the family which causes him to learn more about his ancestors.

    Oooh, maybe it could be a book on occlumency... we don't know when he learned it, maybe he learned it then...

    Hope I helped!

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    I like Wendelin's suggestion of an heirloom. A ring with the family crest, a seal, or something of that sort? Eileen Prince might have something from her side of the family, and we know that Snape was proud to call himself a Prince. A family treasure would be something he would value highly.

    An owl might be useful. A broom...

    Maybe a protective amulet?

    Good luck,

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