I hope the mods don't mind that I'm doing two minor characters at once (if you do, go ahead and delete, I've saved a copy). Rosier and Crouch play similar roles in the fic I'm doing, basically they're Regulus's Slytherin friends and from what we know, future Death Eaters.

I need help with developing distinctive personalities from each other, instead of the typical card-board cutout of a bad-guy Death Eater. Their line of thoughts on Voldemort should be interesting and new and their relationships with Regulus should, at best, be dynamic--straining, yet satisfying in a way.

Info to consider:
- Crouch Sn. was a man working against Voldemort, so Barty jn. is a bit of a rebel.
- In the fic, Evan finds out a huge secret about Regulus and snitches.
- Both Barty and Evan are influential voices who often lead Regulus down the wrong path.
- Evan retains a smudge of self-loathing because he is half-blood.
- Sometimes Regulus has some weak moments of empathy, which they react to unpleasantly.


1. What do you expect them to look like?

2. How did they come to adopt the pureblood supremacy views?

3. How do you think they influence Regulus? In what ways?

4. Given the information I've enclosed, what do you expect their personalities to be like?

5. What kinds of friendships do they have with each other and Regulus (note, Regulus is mostly friends with them out of convenience)?