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    What exactly do you call a group of dementors? I am writing a story and the Hogwarts students must pass through a group of them. Do you call them a herd? A flock?
    The sentence is:
    "...Ginny still felt shaky- the carriages had passed through a ______ of dementors..."

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    I'd call it a group, but if you can think of something else, that would really put a little touch of you in it.

    Something like: A murder of crows, or a Soul of dementors.

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    I like your idea Kcharles of the soul of Dementors.

    Personally, I have always referred to dementors as a flock, don't ask me why though.

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    Thanks guys (and girls)!
    I really love the idea of a soul of dementors!

    New problem: What do you think Snape would say to them when they entered Hogwarts? (You know, Dumbledore used to always have a speech)

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    Ok, I’m not going to write an entire speech for you because I would only fail miserably, but here are a few things I think you should include:
    • A couple of references to the fact that Voldemort is now in control of the Wizarding World, and a subtle but strong warning that all opposition would be severely punished.
    • An announcement that Muggle studies are now obligatory for all, that “Defense Against the Dark Arts” is now “Dark Arts”, and an introduction of the Carrows.
    • An announcement of stricter curfews.
    • Ironically, an announcement of Quiditch and tryouts: Voldemort would want this because it would lull the students into a feeling of normalcy and because it would also feed the rift between houses.

    There isn’t really any canon evidence to what Snape would say in a speech (or even if he gave one at all), so I think you’d really have to follow the changes that Neville states in DH. Don’t go overboard though: I don’t think that students would have found out from day one that they were going to be taught that Muggles were animals and that they would have to torture all students that had earned detentions.

    I do think that this will take a lot of Snape characterization, so you might want to hop over to his character thread if you need any help with that.


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    You'll also want to be very careful about word choice. Severus was walking a very fine line at that point, and you'll want to be sure he comes off for Voldemort, but still isn't singing his praises through the hallway.

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    Thank you so much for your input, I definitely think I'm going to use it. I was debating over whether or not to have Quidditch, but I think you made a good point about lulling the kids into a sense of semi-normalcy. And you're probably right, some of these changes will happen gradually because Death Eaters don't normally run schools (and its a good thing too) and they have to be careful they don't provoke open rebellion (even though the D.A. does rebell)
    I definitely agree with the importance of word choice, especially with Snape. He is, in my opinion, one of the hardest characters to write, especially in DH because he walks a fine line with looking like he's on Voldemort's side and trying to discourage the more violent punishments for the safety of the students (because that's what Dembledore wanted). Plus, he doesn't necessarily agree with some of Voldemort's views because he killed Lily etc.
    I'm off to Snape's character thread and thanks so much for your help!

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