I am writing a story that involves a major courtroom scene. I have never been to court and have no intent on being a lawyer anytime soon, so I'm not that knowledgable on how things work. Especially in the Wizarding world, which is what I'm referencing.

I know that, from the Lexicon, that the accused is allowed witnesses, and another person to represent them. In example, in OotP, Dumbledore was Harry's representative, and Mrs. Figg was his witness. So . . . for Avery [the death eater accused of murder], in my story he wouldn't have a representative, seeing as how he can't get any other DEs to come and plea for him or they'd be put into prison as well. So, he'd just represent himself, right? Just speak when they asked him questions, instead of allowing someone else to answer them?

-What I have happening in my story is the Chief Warlock asking the questions to the accused, Avery. It is an OC. Would he just be firing off questions, calling up witnesses himself, asking them questions as well and whatever he needs to know? Would the Chief Warlock, or an Auror he uses, whichever, force the accused to drink Veritaserum, and then ask him if they had murdered, reading off a list of people?

Would there be some form of trial before the trial? How they plead? Of course, Avery is going to plead 'not guilty'. I seem to remember this in movies, but I may be wrong. Also, if there is, would the full WGamot be there for it?

What is Avery, the Death Eater's, first name? I checked the Lexicon, but they didn't have it. Does this mean I have free reign? If reign is free, suggestions?

Would they use Veritaserum in court? In front of everyone to watch to get the truth out of the criminal? If not, is there something to counteract the effects of the potion, as to why they wouldn't use it? If not, how could the WGamot get them to tell the court the truth?

Would the full Wizengamot be used for three murderers, Death Eaters, and would they be tried seperately?

For the amount of questions, I apologize. Hopefully someone can help! Thanks!