So we've had...well, quite a number of weeks discussing dragons, and now it's time to transform those thoughts into drabbles!

Need some ideas to get you all started? You could write about the discovery of dragons, or a piece from the point of view of a dragon-keeper. Maybe you're feeling really adventurous and want to try the dragon's POV? A drabble about a Muggle finding a dragons? Dumbledore's thoughts on dragon's blood? A case of an escapee dragon? Maybe even the planning of the Triwizard Tournament concerning the First Task? It could be anything you like, so long as it connects somehow to dragons!

For this activity, there will be no participation points. Winners will get 15 points for first place, 10 points for second and 5 points for third. You may submit as many drabbles as you want, just edit your post if you feel the need to post another!

The competition opens immediately and closes on EXTENDED: Tuesday 8th April at midnight in your respective time zone.

Here are a few standards to keep in mind when writing your drabble:

A drabble is a short piece of writing, between 100-499 words in length.
This forum requires all drabbles to maintain the same standards as the main fanfiction site. Any drabbles posted with bad grammar, formatting, spelling, capitalisation or unsuitable content will be deleted. Points may also be deducted for badly presented drabbles.

Use this form when posting your drabble...

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House: [you must enter this or you will not gain points]
Word count:
Good luck and have fun!