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Thread: Colores is accepting requests via the PI website only

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    I'm back!

    UserName: coolh5000
    Story: It Starts With A Kiss
    Genre: Romance
    Ships: Molly/Arthur
    Rating and Warnings: I'm not really sure. There're implied sexual situations but nothing especially detailed.
    Word Count per chapter: only short - 1343
    One Shot or Chaptered: One Shot.
    Expected Beta Time: Not hugely important
    Permanent Y/N: N
    Reason you would most like my services: I know how good you are!
    Summary: After an awkward question from Bill, Molly and Arthur look back on the kisses they have shared over the years and the wonderful family that has grown out of them.

    This was originally written for a challenge on another site and had to be a kissing themed fic so this is a very fluffy one-shot, though I tried to give it a bit more substance than just endless kissing. I would like to know if it is just too cheesy.

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    Hannah: Okay, send it right over. You still have my email address, right?


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    Rushia: Interesting idea...I'll take it on. I'll PM you my email address.


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    Double posting to say that I am available for oneshots only.

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    Kelly: Sure, and yes I can PM you my email address.

    oneshots only

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    BrennaShade: I'm willing to give this a try. I'll PM you my email address.

    available for oneshots only

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    I have an entry for the Worlds within a World challenge in the Three Broomsticks, and I'm hoping you can beta it for me. It's basically a look at a wizarding orphanage, and what life is like for an unnamed child. Anyway...

    Penname: solemnlyswear_x
    Story Title: Hold Onto Nothing
    Genre: General, or dark/angst - I don't know yet.
    Ship: None
    Rating: 1st & 2nd years
    Warning: None
    Word count: I'm not done yet, but no more than 1500 (probably less)
    One-shot or Chaptered: One-shot
    Track Changes or Color: Track changes
    Reason you want a beta reader: It's in second person, so I have no idea how well that works, or if it doesn't makes sense in places.
    Summary: Sometimes, in the fall, when the leaves are changing from green to brown, you think you can remember your parents. AKA: Life in a wizarding orphanage.

    Hope you can help!
    - Melissa

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    MELISSA! *tacklehugsquee* You already have my email address, dear. Just send it along.

    available for oneshots only

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    double posting to say I am unavailable until July 20 due to RL work.

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    triple posting to announce I am now available for oneshots only

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