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Thread: Colores is accepting requests via the PI website only

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    Fresca, Love, most awesome beta, can you help me again? I have already had this go through 2 betas and Andrea told me I still had some grammatical errors (I can send you her PM) . It is for an in-house challange and I need it back like, yesterday . It has to be through her special que by the 20th. (This is all she is taking an reading them first). Would you have time to give it a very fast look? I still have your email if you say yes.

    Story Title: The Guardian
    Genre: umm, well it is while Sirius is hiding out after PoA
    Ship: none
    Rating: I say above 3rd only because there is a tiny bit of violence
    Warning:as said above tiny bit of violence (it is an erkling attack)
    Average word count per chapter: 6704
    One-shot or Chaptered:One shot
    Track Changes or Color:whatever is fatest.
    Reason you want a beta reader: I need another pair of eyes to spot my grammatical errors. I tried to catch as many as Andrea pointed out and then some but I just want to make sure. Andrea siad, "I really hate rejecting this because the story is fabulous! Your characterizations are excellent, the plot is completely immersive, and descriptions build a wonderful atmosphere." It's just thos darn commas and semicolans that are getting me.
    Summary: Three muggle children wonder of from a Castle tour in Germany and end up lost in the Black Forest. At the same time, Sirius is hiding out in said woods. He hears about the children and goes to look for them and accidentaly attracts an Erkling (this is the violence part). He then helps the children, (along with a few other mythical creatures) get out of the woods. It has a happy ending since the kids are modeled after my own.

    I don't have much time to be on the boards today and am frantically typing this during lunch. I will check back as much as I can for a response. I might get it faster if you email me since I can check my phone for those. Hopefully you still have it, if not there is a link on my profile page (of course you knew that but, well, I'm hurrying )

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    Kristy: Sure, dear. I'll try to find your email address but I doubt that I have it. I can have it back pretty fast.


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    I will send it now. I forgot that I could subscribe to email notification so when you replied I got a message on my phone.
    I will be home for a few minutes then I'm off to soccer practice, again.

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    Kristy: Yes, that's right. Please edit your post - I do not want my email address (or any part of it) public information.

    Edit: Thank you!


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    Carrot: Okay, sounds good. Email it to me. Are you still writing the other piece you requested me for?


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    Have you got time for a drabble?

    Story Title: none
    Genre: post hogwarts
    Ship: Lucius/Narcissa
    Warning:a bit gross, mentions body fluids
    Average word count per chapter: 576
    One-shot or Chaptered:drabble
    Track Changes or Color:PM is fine so color will work
    Reason you want a beta reader: I need to wittle it down and I don't know what else to chop. It was 680. It is for the Dark Lord Survivor Challange week 4.

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    Kristy: Sure! Send it along.

    Carrot: Okay, send it to me whenever.


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    Salutations. I'm a relatively inexperienced author who thought he could go it alone. Alas, having been slapped with a 100% rejection rate, I have been humbled and am requesting aid. I would be thrilled if you could take a gander.

    Penname: angelicxdiscord
    Story Title: Semiautomagic
    Genre: General
    Ship: Charlie Weasley/OC, will be pretty minor
    Rating: Professors
    Warning: Character Death, DH Spoilers, Violence, Abuse/Torture, Language
    Average word count per chapter: 4000 to 5000
    One-shot or Chaptered: Chaptered
    Track Changes or Color: Color
    Reason you want a beta reader: Susceptible to writing out of character, keeping the first person accounts somewhat inconsistent, possible Mary Sue-age
    Summary: Occurs during Deathly Hollows, explaining how certain events came to be.
    Corinne Lambert is part of a rogue experimental unit operating in the UK during Thicknesse's reign as Minister. Operating in conjunction with the Order, her three-man team utilizes a mix of magic and modern weaponry in the fight against Voldemort's puppet regime. During this time, Corinne discovers the measures taken and the price paid to overthrow an oppressive government. Guest starring Charlie Weasley, Cho Chang, various Ministry officials, Death Eaters, and other magical creepy crawlies.

    Thanks for your time!

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    angelicxdiscord: I'm willing to give this story a try, but beta reading long chapters in color is going to be a very trying experience. When you send the story, please also send the rejection letter so I can take a look at it.


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    Thanks for considering this..

    UserName: Tcole on both
    Story: The Noble and Most Ancient House of ... Nevermind.
    Genre: Ummm.. i have no idea what this would be under lol
    Ships: Hm.. I don't think there will be any in this story that will be important
    Rating and Warnings: None as of right now
    Word Count per chapter: 1848 as of right now... I think it may stay that way...
    One Shot or Chaptered: Chaptered.
    Expected Beta Time: Eh, doesn't matter to me.. I know it will be worth the wait
    Permanent Y/N: For this story if you'd like.. It's up to you, love
    Reason you would most like my services: I suck at commas. Lol. And I don't really describe things too well, even though Emma said I'm actually pretty good at it. lol.
    Eh, this story is basically just everything about Sirius' life. Like, how he came to be so different from the rest of the Black family.. There may be some things in there about how Walburga felt when she became pregnant with her first son and some things like that... It may get into more detail about Walburga and Sirius' relationship, and Orion and Sirius' relationship.. and of course.. Regulus and Sirius' relationship.

    I suck at summaries.. But I haven't tried to sit down and think of one yet.. So I basically just described to you what I plan on doing with the story. Lol. I hope that's alright, love.

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