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Thread: Colores is accepting requests via the PI website only

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    Colores is accepting requests via the PI website only

    On Colores

    Well, hi there! My penname on MNFF is Colores, but you can call me Fresca. I have been PI Accredited (PI:5604525546) since June of 2006, and I have been beta reading since about March 2006. I was a beta mentor until the program closed last year, and I used to teach The Lost Art of Beta Readingin the classes department of the forums. In 2007, I was awarded the Quick Silver Quills award for Best Beta. I have beta read over two hundred stories throughout my time at MNFF and I've loved every minute of it!

    On Genres

    [x] Alternate Universe: Case by case evaluation. I have beta'd alternate universe stories before, and have enjoyed them, but I've also read alternate universe stories that I absolutely despised.
    [x] Dark/Angst: Go right ahead!
    [x] General: Generally fine.
    [x] Humour: Not my cup of tea.
    [x] Romance: Does it have a plot? If so, proceed. If not, find someone else, please! I will read all heterosexual ships.

    On Warnings

    [x] Abuse: Only if well written. If you're writing an abuse story, please make it believable, please do not make it melodramatic (I will be on you to no end about melodrama!), and please be accurate.
    [x] Alternate Universe: Like the genre, it's evaluated on a case by case basis.
    [x] Book 6 Disregarded: Depends on the story; the warning alone won't make me reject your story.
    [x] Book 7 Disregarded: Depends on the story; the warning along won't make me reject your story.
    [x] Character Death: Would love to have it!
    [x] DH Spoilers: Go right ahead!
    [x] Dubious Consent: I would appreciate if you took this elsewhere.
    [x] HBP: Go right ahead!
    [x] Mental Disorders: Only if well written. Please do not base your descriptions on stereotypes.
    [x] Non-Consensual Sex: Only if well written. Please do not base your descriptions on stereotypes.
    [x] Self Injury: Only if well written. Please do not base your descriptions on stereotypes. On this warning especially, I will not tolerate melodramatic and inaccurate depiction.
    [x] Sexual Situations: If overt sexual situations could please be avoided, that would be appreciated. I have beta read them before, and like most everything, written well, they're fine. But I cannot stand stories that put a sex scene in there for the sake of having one in there. Please avoid Porn-Without-Plot (PWP) writing.
    [x] Slash: I would appreciate if you took this elsewhere.
    [x] Spoiler: I've read all the books; all spoilers are fine!
    [x] Student/Teacher Romance: I would appreciate if you took this elsewhere.
    [x] Substance Abuse: Only if well written. Please do not base your descriptions on stereotypes.
    [x] Suicide: Send this one along...but beware of melodrama!
    [x] Violence: Absolutely fine.

    On Style

    I would prefer to beta by track changes and through email. Color changes can be provided upon request, but I've found that they take so much more time than track changes, and time is of the essence. I will accept pieces below 500 words only through PM. I would describe my beta reading style as comprehensive. I will correct your story technically, but also get to the meat of it. Beta reading isn't just about getting your story submitted; it's also about making you, the author, a better writer. My strengths are generally canon, characterization, grammar, and spelling. My weaknesses are Briticisms, but I'm getting better. I will beta all ratings.

    On Chaptered Stories

    I evaluate taking chaptered stories on a case-by-case basis, taking into account such factors as length, plot, and amount of work that needs to be done. Please do not be offended if I do not accept your chaptered story to beta; if I turn you down, it's because I don't have the time to properly devote to it and don't want to waste yours with mediocre work.

    On Oneshots

    I am always available for oneshots; just send them right along! I will accept oneshots from all eras. With oneshots, I'm more willing to see a piece in need of a lot of technical help. Word count doesn't matter.

    On Being a Second Beta

    There is no MNFF rule that says you cannot have multiple betas; in fact, it might even be encouraged. I have no objection to beta reading a story that someone else has beta read. However, I rarely accept requests to be a second beta by PM. While I respect the tentative nature of not wanting to hurt another beta's feelings, if you plan on crediting me for beta'ing your story, the other beta will probably find out anyway.

    On Communication

    The relationship between author and beta reader is only as good as we make it. As your beta reader, I do my best to have reasonable turn around times. Beta reading can take me anywhere from one hour to one week to one month. Feel free to shoot me emails or PM's inquiring the status of your piece if it's taking me awhile, but usually it doesn't come to that. I'm generally pretty good about returning works on time. I've never missed a deadline for a challenge piece - those always get top priority. Ultimately, as your beta reader, I will give you what you ask of me. I will work with you to get your story to the level you want it to be at, and I am available to you all of the time.

    On Requesting

    As of June 7, 2011, I am taking an extended hiatus from MNFF. If you wish to request me as a beta, please find me in the Perfect Imagination directory. Make sure to say you are from MNFF.

    Good luck!
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    Wonderful England!
    Penname: coolh5000
    Story Title: "I Want To Go Home"
    Genre: Dark/Angst
    Ship: None
    Rating: I think it's probably 1st years
    Warning: Character death.
    Average word count per chapter: 4,383
    One-shot or Chaptered: One-shot
    Track Changes or Color: Track Changes
    Reason you want a beta reader: my weaknesses are my grammar, punctuation etc. I have already had a couple of betas who said they would look at this and then never got back to me. I would like a beta to be as critical as they have to be so that I can really improve my writing and finally get this accepted!
    Summary: A one-shot taking inspiration from this line in DH:

    “But I want to go home,” whispered the girl. “I don’t want to fight anymore”
    DH p558

    Not everyone who fought in the Battle of Hogwarts wanted to be there and not everyone could survive. This is the story of one of those people.

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    dancingcarrot21: Sure! Do you still have my email addres? If not, PM me for it.

    coolh5000: Your oneshot looks really interesting. I'll PM you my email address.


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    Evester: Your story sounds very interesting. I will PM you my email address.


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    Any interest in a fluffy one-shot? :)

    Hi Fresca,

    Thanks for beta-ing my not-so-fluffy chaptered fic. I didn't know you don't usually like the Marauder-era ones; hopefully mine will remain tolerable.

    Just wondering whether you want to beta a fluffy one-shot about my favorite AU pair, Severus Snape and Lily Evans. If not, is there anyone you'd recommend?

    Penname: SeverusSempra
    Story Title: The Knick-Knack
    Genre: General
    Ship: Severus Snape/ Lily Evans. Justification: because the smart, unattractive, awkward poor kid deserves to get the girl sometimes too, for heaven's sake.
    Rating: 1st - 2nd years
    Warning: AU
    Average word count per chapter: 3000?
    One-shot or Chaptered: one-shot
    Track Changes or Color: either
    Reason you want a beta reader: This is from Lily's POV, so: is she in character?
    Summary: It’s not impossible for a Slytherin to marry a Gryffindor. They just might not agree on how to decorate the house.

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    SeverusSempra: As this is only a oneshot, taking it on should not be a problem. Send it to me whenever; I'll add it to my list.


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    Penname: thechocolatefrog
    Story Title: Hero
    Genre: General
    Ship: Harry/OC
    Rating: no higher than 3rd-5th year
    Warning: AU
    Average word count per chapter: 1500
    One-shot or Chaptered: one-shot
    Track Changes or Color: I prefer track changes, if thats okay.
    Reason you want a beta reader: I want to get this story perfect, as its my main focus right now. So mostly plot and characterization etc, but I know I will have stupid grammar mistakes.
    Summary: Post-War England is still celebrating Harry's triumph over the Dark Lord as if it was yesterday- five years later. No one seems to remember that Harry has a life of his own, and someone else to be a hero to.

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    thechocolatefrog: Track changes is great. I've beta'd for you before, I think...if you have my email address (we might have gone through PM), send it right along. If you don't have my email address, then PM me for it.


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    In an uncharacteristic spurt of fast writing, I finished my challenge entry!


    Penname: solemnlyswear_x
    Story Title: Darkly, Deeply, Beautifully Blue (maybe, I'm not sure)
    Genre: Erm, dark/angsty, I suppose. Color of Love cat for now, though.
    Ship: Gideon/OC
    Rating: 3rd to 5th
    Warning: Character death, slight language
    Average word count per chapter: 1101
    One-shot or Chaptered: One-shot
    Track Changes or Color: Track changes
    Reason you want a beta reader: Because I wrote in a really strange present tense way, and I have no idea if it works or not. And also because it might be melodramatic.
    Summary: The sky is bright blue when they come to tell her he has died. The sky is cloudless and clear and she hates that anything could be so beautiful on a day like this.

    - Melissa

    Super awesome banner by Ari / A.H.

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    solemnlyswear_x: Sounds awesome; I can't wait to read it! Incidentally, I have not yet finished my piece (nor started...) You have my email address, go ahead and send it. I'll add it to my list.


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