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Thread: Head Girl/Boy duties, responsibilties, and rights

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    Head Girl/Boy duties, responsibilties, and rights

    What are some specific things Head Boy/Girls do? What indulgences do they have? Seperate rooms and bathrooms? etc.

    I would just like some examples and some refrences. I'd like one of my characters to be a Head Girl, and therefor, need to know exactly what they have to do and so on. I know there are some cliches, like have private or co-ed rooms, but I'm not sure if that would really be tolerated. I'm also aware that they are head of all prefects, so what exactly do they have them do?

    Thank you so much! I just am a little confused on certain things they do and would like some solid information on how the system works.

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    I would think that having the Head Girl/Boy badge would be enough of a reward without giving them their own room, so I would assume that they still share a dorm with those that they have always dormed with. Also, we already know that there is a special Prefects bathroom. When Harry became Quidditch Captain he also gained access to this room, so I think it safe to say that it's going to be the only specially designed bathroom (not including the time the Room of Requirement changed into a chamber pot ).

    The duties that we see mostly in the books, when Percy is Head Boy, reminds me somewhat of an acting Sergeant with his troops. If you look at it this way, Dumbledore is the General, the Professors are his Lieutenants, the Head Boy/Girl his Sergeants, and the remaining Prefecfts his Corporals with all other students being Privates. I may have my whole military analogy all wrong, but that's how I view it. (And Filch and his cat are the MP's - Military Police. HA!) (Oh! And Peeves is Beetle Bailey! )

    Aside from following Dumbledore's and the Professors orders, I would also place them as having the duty to lead a Prefect meeting on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Yes, this is done quite often in fanfic and could be considered cliche, but I think it's a necessary cliche when done well.

    That concludes my two knuts!


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    I’m pretty sure that Head Boy and Head Girl would NOT share a dorm, but I do think that they might get their own private space (if not room) within their Houses.

    I think that a Head Boy/Girl’s duties would probably include some Prefect duties (as in making sure no magic is done in the corridors, that students aren’t lurking around after lights-out, and just reporting any trouble in general). These duties would take up less of their time than they would as Prefects, however, and they would in addition make sure that all the Prefects were completing their duties in turn. I can also see them organizing extra-curricular activities (as in making sure clubs have a spare classroom to use, and that tournaments of any type go smoothly).

    Although I agree with hermybabay82 in that “Prefect meetings” have become a horrible cliché, but I really think they are necessary. And I do think that Percy might have mentioned something about a meeting in one of the books…I’ll check on this, but if someone can affirm or correct this, it would be great!

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    I'm also pretty sure that the Head Boy and Girl do NOT share a room. Not only is the idea somewhat cliche, it also seems a bit naive on the part of the person who came up with that arrangment.

    *Alright, you two have been chosen among the best and brightest of the student body, so cleary, neither one of you have hormones. So, as I teacher, I feel perfectly confident about place the two of you in a room of your own with no supervision, no witness, and no one in a position of authority over you. You two have a nice night! Oh, and Miss Head Girl; your bathroom suite is being tiled, so you two will also have to share a bathroom for a week or so. You don't mind, do you?*

    But you can kinda see what I'm saying here.

    The Head Boy and Girl probably would have a position of authority over the prefects and even the general student population. Who knows, they may even have the ability to take points away. We saw in CoS that prefects have this ability, so why not the Head Boy and Girl.

    But, for the most part, I think it would mainly just be a title. I mean, think back to the president of the student body of your high school. How much power did they really have. In the Muggle world, being the head student of the school is mostly something just to put on a resume, so I really don't think it would be much different in the wizarding world either. I just don't see Hogwarts handing over the reins to a couple of seventeen-year-olds, no matter how good of student they are.

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