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Thread: Being British: Garden Gate, Number Eight

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    Both can actually be used. We're meant to use the km system, but hardly anyone actually does. Certianly in Harry's time everyone would be using miles.


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    Yeah we use the Mile system, also many people still use pint instead of Litres like if you were going to a pub or if you went to a butchers or wanted something weighed people use pounds instead of Grams.

    Hope that helped!

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    Ok, thanks. That makes it a lot easier for me!


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    Baby powder vs talcum

    Would one refer to the soft lovely smelling powder put on a baby as baby powder or talcum powder, just talcum or something all together different? If I used the word talcum, would it bring to mind the lovely smelling stuff, or the plain talcum that grown ups use and which has little fragrance? This is Marauder era time frame also. Thanks.

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    I've always reffered to it as talcum powder, or just talc.


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    I wasn't sure if this one went in this thread or in the spelling differences thread, but ... how do Brits shorten "did you"? I know that all the time I write it "didja," but I'm also Texan, so that might explain that.

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    hi, I don't think we shorten did you at all, at least I never do - I've def never said didja, but it could be that people from other regions do shorten it.

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    how do Brits shorten "did you"?
    d'you. I use that sometimes. Not alot though.


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    Actually, we usually say, "d'you?" The two words sort of merge together. It appears quite a lot in the books.


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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought "'d'you" was an abbreviated version of "do you", not "did you". I don't think we really do abbreviate "did you" in any way.

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