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Thread: Being British: Garden Gate, Number Eight

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    The Republic of Ireland does indeed have a different licence, but I haven't been able to find a picture of it that gives enough detail to let you know for sure. I'd - maybe wrongly - assume it contained similar details to the UK one - no real physical description, just the photo and basic details as Gorgeous_Ginny says above.

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    Most of us would swear very loudly!

    If you don't want to swear in your story, go for something like, "Argh!" or *inhales breath sharply and mutters incoherently under breath*

    Hope this helps! x

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    Okay, I need some really bad, really degratory, and explicit insults.

    Since this is a family site, perhaps someone could PM them to me?

    I've searched the internet and it's being most unhelpful. >.<

    Also, what do would you call blankets and sheets when they're on a bed? Covers?


    Peace out.


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    The sheet on a bed, we would just call a sheet - either fitted or flat. The cover on top would be a duvet. Some people may also have additional blankets but generally most just have a duvet.

    I will PM about the insults!

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    Covers would also be acceptable though. My family calls them covers, but duvet sometimes. Depends on how we feel. I suppose it's sort of like, when we're all watching a film, my mum'll go "Evie, go get the duvet off my bed," so that we can all be warm. But when I was a kid and prefered to play than sleep, my mum would come upstairs and say, "Evie, get under the covers and go to sleep."


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    Mere...what time would this fic be set in? Because explicit kind of insults

    And i don't know about everyone else but i call the covers on the bed a quilt I think duvet is the most common though, but everyone i know calls it a quilt.


    EDIT: Evie, i think that is right lol. Because where i come from we all have cockney accents in about a 50 mile radius, so i think you're right, it is a location thing. So Mere, it really depends where your characters are from?

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    Yeah, I sometimes call it a quilt. That was when I still had my cockney accent though, or it could be influence from my mum, who grew up in a town, although down south, full of northerners and Scottish people. So that may be a location thing.


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    Just a quick question.
    Timeframe: Harry is a baby
    Would his diapers be referred to as diapers or nappies? My grandmother was born and raised in England, and I remember her using nappies. But I don't know if that was just a term used when she was raised, (she married at the end of WWII) or if that term would have been used when Harry was a baby.
    I just need to know what word to use.
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    She would use "nappies", without a shadow of a doubt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hermybabay82
    Okay... this really isn't a British question, however this was the closest reference desk for this country. >.< In Ireland, do Drivers Licenses or other photo ID's show not only the photo of the person who it belongs to but also a physical description.

    For example, here in the states(Oklahoma specifically), our Driver's License shows a picture and then states the persons date of birth, height, weight, race, sex, hair color, and eye color.

    Thanks for the help!


    Edit: Awesome! I appreciate the help you two!
    An Irish passport has

    Type of passport (multiple types)
    Passport number
    Date of birth
    Date of birth
    Date of issue
    Expiry date


    No physical description and as far as I know driving licences don't either, but I don't drive so I can't check.

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