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Thanks, everyone for the help with my dilemma.

I like the terms Slapper and Tart. I,ve heard tart before, but I was afraid it was to old for teens of the nineties to use. The other two words that aurokeefy suggested feel to American for me. I hear them used all the time here.

I have another question about Briticisms. I want to introduce an American professor to Hogwarts and i thought of naming him Willie Pratt. If my knowledge of British slang is correct this name should be rather amusing to the students. I may also be way off target. Let me know!
The most likely words from my time as a 90's teenager would be 'slapper' or 'slag'. Both used regularly while I was younger(no, not by me). Also, at least where I grew up, 'fit' wasn't used until much later.

And yes, Willie Pratt would be very amusing to school children. I have a friend who still hates to use his middle name(William) thanks to his time at school.