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I'm not really sure what you mean, Schmergo. We have West-end productions/musicals, or you can refer to the name of the company doing the production.

On snow, it really does depend on where you live. Scotland can have quite a lot of snow, but I live in the South East of England, which means that if there's about five centimeters of snow everyone panics, roads are shut, schools are shut and everyone mutters about global freezing. On the very coast it is unlikely to snow for two main reasons:

1) The ground is more damp from sea spray and usually more rain, it also has a lot more salt and is more acidic. This means snow does not settle.

2) The sea is actually its warmest during the winter months. It takes all summer to warm up, then all winter to cool down, which means the sea is really cold all year around, which means the coast is usually cold all year around.

Where is Remus during your story? What part of Britain?

Well, right now he's on the coast of Scotland. BTW.. is hypothermia a possibility?