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Thread: Muggle Attire

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    Ah yes, he does say something about buying the dress in a Muggle shop, Evie! I had forgotten about that. So there's an answer - Wizards do by clothes in Muggle shops.

    Originally posted by Michelle/The Marauding Cupcake
    Also, to address the question of Muggle money, in SS I believe Hagrid says that you can do an exchange at Gringrott's.
    Excellent point, Michelle and Evie. However, I would also assume that most Wizards who aren't very familiar with the Muggle world wouldn't know exactly how to use Muggle Money. Take Mr. Weasley for instance, on the way to Harry's trial in OoTP he has to have Harry handle the Muggle money because he isn't sure how to use it. It would be like me going to France and trying to buy something with Euros - I wouldn't know exactly how much money I had or if I had enough because it's not something I deal with living here in the States. *grumbles about the current exchange rate of the US Dollar*


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    I always imagined that there was a second hand shop that would have alot of old muggle clothing in on diagon alley. Like how charity shops here always seem to have fairy outfits and wizards hats...

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    I can't remember any direct reference to Draco or any other pureblood wizard wearing Muggle clothing except of course at the Quidditch world cup, but that was required. I don't think that the purebloods would condone wearing it to tell the truth and seeing as how little they seem to like the thought of anything Muggle is goes to figure that they just don't go into Muggle inhabited areas very much to have to deal with it.

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    Thanks for your ideas! I've decided to have one, maybe two, shops in Diagon Alley that sell Muggle Clothing. I think I'll also have a second-hand shop.

    Thank you all so much!

    ~ Jojo...

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