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Thread: Muggle Attire

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    Muggle Attire

    We know that kids don Muggle clothes until they leave Hogwarts, when they change to robes. There are shops in Diagon Alley to buy them. But how do they get Muggle clothes? Just go to any Muggle shops and shop? But wouldn't that mean they'd have to have a good supply of Muggle money?

    Any ideas?

    ~ Jojo...

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    I doubt very much that Draco and his pureblood cronies would wear Muggle clothing, however awkard robes are, so purebloods wouldn't have a problem.
    Half-bloods would probably go with their Muggle parent or grandparent to buy Muggle clothes, and Muggleborns would obviously have them anyway. Thats my opinion.

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    I don't think purebloods would have to worry because they don't generally go to Muggle inhabited areas. Of course, if it was absolutely necessary for them to get muggle clothing, they could have a half-blood or Muggleborn friend take them or even get it for them.

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    I would think that, quite honestly, if someone such as Malfoy ever needed an article of Muggle clothing, he (or a member of his family) could Transfigure something. A sock, say, could be a shirt. Whole sets of robes could be transfigured, I'll bet.


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    Thank you for replying.

    I agree with what you're saying about Malfoy and other Purebloods, but what about people like the Weasleys? Where would Ginny, for example, get her Muggle clothes? I don't think she would conjure them because then you would be able to conjure robes and that would defeat the purpose of shops.

    Any ideas?

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    You know, that's a really good question. Maybe they have shops in Diagon Alley that specialize in Muggle clothing, since sometimes it is necessary for pureblood wizards to have them - case in point the Weasley clan.

    We know that Mr. Weasley couldn't have taken them to any Muggle shops, he would have wet himself from the excitement and he wasn't familiar with Muggle money! For this reason, I think if the Weasley's did have to go to a Muggle shop to get Muggle clothing it was probably Mrs. Weasley who took them.

    Just my two knuts.


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    I think the idea of a Muggle shop in Diagon Alley is a good one. Maybe we just haven't heard of it!

    As for shopping in a real Muggle shop, I think only people familiar with doing that would shop there. The Weasleys would just shop in Diagon Alley, if there was a shop.

    Okay, so another question:

    In my fic, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny are school-shopping for their sixth/seventh year. (Basically, it's my version of DH.) Would they need to buy new Muggle clothes? We've never seen it happen in the books, but they do need new Muggle attire. So, would it seem realistic for Harry and the others to walk into a Muggle clothes shop in Daigon Alley and start shopping?

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    I would think that Hermione's parents would have already covered that. At least when I was in school it was always first thing on my parents list. However she might still accompany Harry and Ron.

    In Ron's case, I would think that he would probably get some hand-me-downs from the elder Weasleys since his family was pretty tight with money.

    For Harry, I can picture this taking place. Let's face it, Dear Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon weren't the type to take Harry shopping with their own money - they always gave him Dudley's hand-me-downs.

    My extra two knuts.


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    The Marauding Cupcake
    This is a very interesting question because I've always been unclear as to what exactly is the difference between Muggle clothes and wizarding attire - except for the vibrantly coloured cloaks!

    In Sorcerer's Stone, Mr. Dursely is appalled by the freaks in cloaks. Obviously, we know that those aren't common to Muggles. But Mrs. Weasley makes new jumpers for the kids every year, which Muggles wear too, of course. I believe that Tonks wears a shirt with the Wizarding rock band The Weird Sisters on it, and that sounds like Muggle concert shirts (admittedly, this may be fanon, I can't be sure at the moment ).

    And I've always wondered exactly about the "robes" that they wear. Are they the only thing they wear, like a monk, or do they don them over their clothes like we see in the movies or do ourselves when going to a graduation ceremony (like here in the US). Perhaps, with a few exceptions like possible name brands, Muggle clothes aren't that different than wizarding wear.

    If wizarding clothes aren't much different than Muggle, I think it very likely that there is a shop in Diagon Alley where you could buy some. Also, to address the question of Muggle money, in SS I believe Hagrid says that you can do an exchange at Gringrott's.

    Hope this helps (but I doubt it! )

    ~Michelle (The One Who Marauds... with more questions then answers)

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    Well, in CoS, Mr Weasley excitidly points out that the Grangers are changing Muggle money into Galleons, so I expect its perfectly plausiable to do it the other way around and shop in Muggle areas. In GOF, isn't there an old man at the QWC who's wearing a dress, and he's saying that he should carry on wearing it because "he brought it in a muggle shop".


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