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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge - Historical Splinches: Kiss Me I'm Irish - Results

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    Weekly Drabble Challenge - Historical Splinches: Kiss Me I'm Irish - Results

    Y'all know that the Ebil One loves holidays! XD
    -at least, if you've been doing weeklies for the past three months-

    Therefore, to celebrate the return of the weeklies' two/three week-long absence we're having a double drabble! XD

    A what?

    A double drabble! Usually when you submit an entry you only submit one drabble and some of you decide to post two to further your chances of winning.

    However, for this week's challenge you are required to submit two! Each should be within the limits of the 500 word count. In other words, you are restricted to 1000 words in total! If you choose to make one drabble 100 words and the other 900 that is fine as long as their combined word count is 1000. And not one word more!

    Edit: Please submit BOTH drabbles in one post. You can edit your posts but please don't double-post and make sure you correctly label which drabble corresponds to which prompt.

    Therefore, if you choose to accept this challenge, your prompts are below --

    Prompt 1:
    Write a drabble with Seamus Finnigan as the main character.

    Prompt 2:
    Write a drabble that celebrates St. Patrick's Day whilst integrating the following into it "Let go of my lucky charms!"

    Have fun!

    The following form must be used when submitting your drabble responses to this post -
    Winners will be awarded 15, 10, and 5 points respectively - for EACH prompt. Yes, you can win twice!

    All drabbles must be less than 500 words; All standard grammar rules, and MNFF submissions guidelines apply.

    The challenge will be up for a week, and be closed exactly a week later (March 19th)

    MithrilQuill and I will be judging them and posting results a couple of days later which may or may not extend into a week or two. >.>

    Teh Ebil Gato Loco is a very busy ebil genius. She has people to boss around, plans to put into action...that sort of deal.

    All questions should be referred to the Question Corner - Do not post questions here. Only drabbles!

    Other than that...have fun!

    ~Gato Loco & Mith~

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    Name: Sammy/MissyQuill
    House: GRYFFINDOR!!!
    Title: Charges
    Warnings: Violence, I suppose.
    Words: 390

    Prompt 1:
    Write a drabble with Seamus Finnigan as the main character
    The first year looked at me, fear in her eyes as apparent as the vivid wound on her already injured arm where blood had seeped out and, being left untreated, had congealed in a sticky line over her pale skin.. She dared not glance up at the women dragging her by said arm.

    “This is your charge, Finnigan. Treat her well,” says Professor Carew as she shoves the girl roughly in my direction. Though in all fairness, the girl seems happier to be finally away from the vile excuse for a human being. Though her relief does not last long as she sees me reaching for my wand.

    Her eyes plead with me, probably trying to explain that she doesn't deserve this punishment. That she had no idea talking out of turn would subject her to the Cruciatus Curse, but all in vain. This is for her own good, as well as mine.

    I quickly bind the girl and slump her on a nearby chair, thanking Merlin that she is screaming entirely more then necessary. Perhaps this will satisfy the Muggle Studies Professor.

    And it seems to work. Assured that I would continue the job satisfactorily in her absence, she gives me a smile of approval and goes out the door. I turn to my “charge” once again.

    After a few minutes, when she is done screaming her head off, I speak.

    “Listen lass, I don’t want to torture you and you don’t want that neither, right?”

    At first she is too dumbstruck to speak and for a moment, it seems as though she’ll start screaming again, but then she nods.

    “Then you better continue screaming lass, and pretend you are in one tight pickle. That way, they’ll think I’m doing me job and you are being punished for whatever it is that you done.”

    It takes her a few minutes to realize what I’ve just said but that’s all right. It always does so I’m used to waiting. But when she finally does get it, she opens her mouth and starts screaming as though her life depends on it. I silently take a glass from a nearby table and point my wand at it, filling it with water and placing it beside her. She will be needing it soon if she keeps yelling at this rate. Clearly an amateur.
    House: GRYFFINDOR!!!
    Title: No luck of the Irish this year.
    Words: 555

    Prompt 2:
    Write a drabble that celebrates St. Patrick's Day whilst integrating the following into it "Let go of my lucky charms!"

    Dear Harry,

    OK, so you probably know it’s Mum’s thirtieth next month, and me and Toby are arranging a surprise birthday party for her. So will you come?

    So far we have invited Grandma, Granddad, Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermione, Vicky, Teddy, Toby’s mum and dad and Toby and me. That’s all so far. Oh, yeah, and dad too if he’s around. He’s always working and Mum is always going out to him about it. The other weekend, Mum was off work and she was real excited about it all week because she had stuff planned with Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron. I know how she feels because I hate school and I love when the weekend comes. Anyway, dad had to go away again, last minute. Then Aunt Hermione called her and said she was sick so mum stayed in and played with me and Toby, and she let him stay over.

    Toby’s got this cool new flashlight. It’s like the best one you can get. When mum went to bed we were shining it out the window and it reached all the way up to the clouds and everything, it was so strong. Well, we were shining it across the road and we could see Mr. and Mrs. Dursley in their house. Toby thinks they were playing leap frog. It was real funny except that Mrs. Dursley came to our house and was real mad at us, and she was banging at the door shouting at us. Mum was so mad she said she wouldn’t take us to the parade. But she did.

    Me and Toby got our faces painted in town and it looked really cool. We even got mum to get a little shamrock on her face so she wont get pinched. But then she wished she didn’t because it started raining and the green, white and gold face paints were running all over our faces. They looked like rainbow coloured tears. Loads of Toby’s got in his hair and I rubbed my eyes by mistake and all the green got in. they were stinging so much I couldn’t keep my eyes open so Mum and Toby took me home. We had to leave before the parade even started.

    We were soaking when we got back home. The paint lady had told us that Scurgify would get the paint off but she lied and now Toby has to go to school with green hair and my new jumper is ruined.

    We only got to see the end of the parade on that new telly Uncle Ron sent us because it took so long to get home because of the fu*king tourists. That’s what Mum said. She also said that we had definitely let go of our lucky charm this year and I didn’t get it but she wouldn’t explain. She just went to her room and I heard her crying. She does that a lot now. I think it’s because Dad is always away and works with all those other girls who Mum doesn’t like.

    So when are you coming to Dublin? Mum’s birthday is on the Tuesday but you can come earlier if you like. You can sleep in my room as the spare room is now dad’s. Mum says its because he snores but I think she’s lying.

    Love Katie.
    NOTE: Ok, a little background. This is an part of an AU fic (inspired by Cecilia Ahern's Where Rainbows End) I was working on. Ginny is married to Micheal Conner and best friends with Harry. She and Micheal have a 10 year old doughter called katie and are living in Ireland. Harry is Katie's godfather.

    In this excerpt, Ginny is going through a hard time beacuse she has just found out that her husband has been cheating on her. And she doesn't know what to do about it yet.

    This is a letter that Katie has written to her godfather about St. Patrick day and other stuff. Katie's best friend is Toby and they go to the Muggle elmentry school together.

    And pinching people who aren't wearing anything green is a St. Patrick day tradition as is the face painting.

    And Katie is just quoting her mother when using that word without realising what it means. Keep in mind a 10 year old wrote it.=Sammy

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    jenny b
    Name: Jennifer/jenny b
    House: Hufflepuff

    Prompt 1: Write a drabble with Seamus Finnigan as the main character
    Title: Dinner Parties
    Warnings: None
    Words: 405

    I hate dinner parties.

    My parents have them all the time. Sometimes they invite their Muggle friends, sometimes they invite their magical friends, and sometimes they invite both. They’re all the same to me, though. The adults pinch my cheeks and tell me how much I’ve grown, and then Mum sends me out to entertain the guests’ kids, who are all under the age of seven.

    However, one time was different. Mum invited her boss around, and he brought his wife and daughter with him. My parents treated them like the Royal Family, and I was ignored again.

    ‘Go see to the children,’ Dad said, ushering me out of the sitting room they reserved specifically for parties. ‘We’ll call you back later when dinner’s ready.’

    Dutifully, I dragged myself down to the lounge, where five or so kids were jumping around screaming. I sat down on the settee, trying to block out the noise. Why in the name of Merlin did my parents make me do this?


    I started at the soft voice, which was the complete opposite of the yells surrounding me. Glancing up, I locked eyes with the girl standing in the doorway. It was Mum’s boss’s daughter.

    ‘Um … hi,’ I said, picking up a magazine from the table. It was about the Irish National Quidditch team, and it had to be better than talking to a snobby girl. I flipped through the pages, until an article about their chances for the upcoming season caught my eye.

    The girl made her way daintily around the mess of toys on the floor, before perching on the lounge opposite me. I glanced up at her. She wasn’t spectacularly pretty, but she wasn’t hideous, either. She had dark hair that swung around her shoulders, and pale blue eyes. She stared at me, and all of a sudden I couldn’t tear my own eyes away from her.

    ‘I’m Seamus,’ I said, leaning over and holding out my hand. She shook it.

    ‘Isha,’ she replied, her eyes still roaming over my face, taking in every detail. I raised an eyebrow, and she rolled her eyes. ‘What? It wasn’t my decision! I like your name, though. It suits you.’

    ‘How do you know it suits me?’ I asked, frowning. ‘You don’t even know me.’

    She smiled, ducking as a ball went flying over her head. ‘I will, though.’

    I decided then and there that I loved her.
    Prompt 2: Write a drabble that celebrates St. Patrick's Day whilst integrating the following into it "Let go of my lucky charms!"
    Title: Presents
    Warnings: None
    Words: 565

    A young family wandered down Diagon Alley, stopping every now and then to glance in a shop. The father was holding a young girl with bright red hair, and the mother was attempting to control two rowdy boys of about seven and eight, who were dashing around and trying to catch each other.

    ‘Stop that, James! You too, Al!’ Ginny cried out, snatching the younger boy’s arm. ‘Can’t you just try to get along for a moment?’

    ‘He’s trying to pinch me, Mum,’ Albus complained. Ginny narrowed her eyes at James, who put his hands up in protest.

    ‘Hey, it’s not my fault. You’re the one who didn’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.’

    ‘What’s St. Patrick’s Day?’ Lily piped up, her head resting on Harry’s shoulder. Ginny pulled James and Albus apart as they began to walk again.

    ‘It’s an Irish holiday, sweetheart,’ Harry said. ‘You’re supposed to wear green. If you don’t, people like James pinch you.’

    James’s eyes lit up as he moved towards his sister, but she pulled up the leg of her pants. ‘Look! Green socks!’ she cried triumphantly. ‘You can’t pinch me!’

    They laughed, and stopped outside Florean Fortescue’s for an ice cream. Harry put Lily back on the ground, and Ginny went inside to order. The four of them sat at a table, watching people shop in the sun.

    ‘Daddy,’ Lily asked solemnly, ‘do we get presents?’

    ‘What for?’ Harry asked, trying not to laugh.

    ‘For St. Patrick’s Day! You said it was a holiday, and we get presents for Christmas, and chocolate for Easter, and they’re holidays!’

    ‘Well, you don’t usually give presents. It’s just like another day,’ Harry explained. Lily’s face fell.


    ‘But if you really want one …’ Harry continued, standing up. Lily clapped her hands together excitedly.

    ‘Thank you, Daddy!’

    ‘Watch them until Mum comes back, okay?’ he said to James, ruffling his hair. James looked pleased with the responsibility, and he sat up straighter as Harry went into the shop next door. It was a children’s toy store, and he browsed for a few minutes, looking for something for his children.

    When he left the shop, Ginny had returned with ice creams for them. Harry sat down, lifting a shopping bag onto the table.

    ‘Do you want to see what I got?’ he asked. The children nodded excitedly, and Ginny shook her head.

    ‘Honestly, Harry, you spoil them too much.’

    He simply smiled, and pulled out two child’s broomsticks, which he handed to James and Albus. They were almost the same as normal broomsticks, except they had safety mechanisms on them, and they didn’t fly anywhere near as high.

    ‘Wow! Thanks, Dad!’ James cried, examining it closely.

    ‘Thanks!’ Albus echoed with just as much enthusiasm. Lily watched them with a look of awe on her face.

    ‘What about me?’ she asked, turning to her father. He reached into the bag again, pulling out a small bracelet.

    ‘It’s a charm bracelet,’ he said, holding it up for her inspection. ‘See the charms? They’re lucky.’

    Ginny rolled her eyes, trying not to laugh. Oblivious to this, Lily took it, her eyes shining.

    ‘Let me see!’ James said, reaching over the table and taking it out of his little sister’s hands. She scrambled up onto her knees, trying to grab it back.

    ‘James! Let go of my lucky charms!’

    Harry and Ginny fell about laughing.

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    Title:Lucky Charms
    Warnings:erm, may seem a little suggestive, but it isn't!
    Words: 269

    She ran up behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest. He seemed startled at first and then caught a wif of her perfume, and knew who it was. She was always so playful, and this time was no different.

    "I can't right now, the game starts in half an hour." He tried to gently pry her arms from around him but only succeeded in making her drop them lower. When her hands lightly brushed his hips, a knot formed in his stomach and he had abhard time swallowing.

    He covered her hands once again but was unable to stop her from slipping them into the pockets of his robes.

    He let out a little gasp then laughed when she nipped his earlobe. "Hey, let go of my lucky charms!" He tried to turn towards her but she quickly spun around, laughing, as she raced down the hall.

    He stood there shaking his head then began to check his equipment. The Hufflepuff versus Ravenclaw game was today and he needed to have his head in the game, not scattered about because of her playfulness and flirting. He was searching his pockets for his wand when he realized something was missing.

    "Merlin’s pants, Cho." Cedric took off down the hall to search for his girlfriend. She hadn't let go, instead she had nicked the little ring he kept in his pocket with a silver four-leaf clover, a small rabbits foot and a little box with a lock of his baby hair in it. He needed all the luck he could get today; he had to find his lucky charms.

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    Prompt 1: Write a drabble with Seamus Finnigan as the main character.

    Name: Stacy/hermybabay82
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: The Luck of the Irish
    Warnings: mild language
    Words: 266

    The upcoming Slytherin match was all anyone could talk about. The Gryffindor team was still one chaser short due to Katie Bell’s strange accident and everyone knew that Harry Potter, the Captain of the team, had been putting off assigning a replacement and was running out of time.

    Seamus Finnigan smiled ruefully every time he thought of Harry informing him he would be the one to replace Katie. Then he would have his shot to show what a good Quidditch player he really was. After all, what other choice did Harry have?

    It was in this state of mind that Seamus was in on the day that Harry cornered him and Dean at the end of yet another grueling Transfiguration lesson. Finally, the lad had come to his senses and realized he needed Seamus.

    “Ummm… Dean, can I have a quick word?” Harry asked.

    As the two of them walked off, Seamus heard Harry ask the question he had been sure would be asked of him and in return also heard his friend’s happy and excited reply. He tried to stay calm but found himself shoving his books roughly into his bag. He had to get out of this room.

    Seamus couldn’t believe his luck. He was supposed to have gotten the open spot on the Gryffindor team, not Dean. After all, wasn’t he the one who introduced his best friend to the sport in the first place? “Luck of the Irish, me arse,” Seamus muttered as he roughly shoved past the two traitors. He felt like throttling the person who had coined that particular phrase.
    Prompt 2: Write a drabble that celebrates St. Patrick's Day whilst integrating the following into it "Let go of my lucky charms!"

    Name: Stacy/hermybabay82
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: A Banshee's Scream
    Warnings: none
    Words: 272

    I had always loved going to the St. Patrick's day parade in Dublin with me Mum and Da. This year would be the first year I would be unable to attend because I had finally started at school at Hogwarts. I knew that in the long view of things, it was better that I was here rather than attending some parade, but I was still upset about it.

    "Seamus, mate, what's wrong with you today?" asked my closest friend, Dean Thomas, as we walked to our next class.

    "Nothing much, there's just some where else I'd rather be today than stuck in this stupid History of Magic class."

    "Man do I understand that," he replied without much enthusiasm. "So what are you missing?"

    I explained our annual family trip to the parade and the family gathering we always had after. It wasn't often that we got to see me da's side of the family, and this was the holiday especially reserved for them. And I was missing it.

    I could hear me Cousin Etain shrieking like a banshee now. "Let go of my lucky charms!" she would always yell at us boys when we would take off running with her charm bracelet. I smiled at the thought of the possibility of Aidan and Liam, my two conspiratorial partners, actually getting clobbered over the head this year by Gran. They didn't have me there to run interference, and they weren't anywhere near good enough to do it themselves.

    In a better mood than I had been all day, I entered History of Magic with a good daydream in mind to pass the time.

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    Congratulations to the four drabblers that participated! You all won! XD I enjoyed all of your drabbles!

    Prompt 1: Seamus Finnigan
    First Place:
    The Luck of the Irish by hermybabay82

    Second Place:
    Dinner Parties by jennyb

    Prompt 2: St. Patrick’s Day
    First Place:
    No Luck of the Irish this Year by Missy Quill

    Second Place:
    Lucky Charms by butter_beer_drinker

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