Characters involved: Draco, Ginny, whoever else you wish.
Mood of plot bunny: humorous/romance
Plot line: It's basically like Cinderella, but still being true to their characters. There's the "prince's" ball in which he's supposed to pick his bride. That would be Draco given one last chance to pick the right kind of woman to carry on the Malfoy blood. I don't see Ginny drooling away to go, but I do see her having to sneak away to go. Perhaps she's going because of Order business or maybe she's an Auror who is looking for a certain criminal who has been known to associate with the Malfoys. I'm sure you can carry on with the rest for yourself.
Other details: Hrm... Not really. I don't see this becoming a huge chaptered fic and I'd really rather the person who picks this up to be devoted to it. I'm only passing it on because I fear writing canon characters. lol. Have fun with it!