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Thread: The Marauders' Characterisation

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    I think that yes, Peter would be scared, but I almost think that because James and Sirius knew Remus so well, they would find it to be great adventure.
    And Peter doesn't know Remus so well? I'm not so sure that Peter would be terrified with the discovery that Remus was a werewolf; he's been sharing a dormitory with him for over a year. Ron's reaction isn't one of terror; he's scared, yes, but also a little disgusted, and to him, Lupin's only a teacher. Remus was a friend to Peter, a good friend. Depending on what you want Peter's blood status to be, Peter could actully be the least scared/disgusted at the news. Sirius and James would undoubtedly know about werewolves and their reputations, but would Peter if he was a Muggle-born? Even if you have him as a half-blood, he could still be the least prejudiced as the tradition of werevolves-are-evil wouldn't have been handed down through the generations. If his mother was a Muggleborn, would she necessarily be prejudiced?

    I think that it could well have been James who showed the most repulsion, or at least struggled the most to come to terms with what his friend was, even if he didn't voice it. He's got nice, loving parents, and I can see being threatened with being 'got by the werewolves' might be the sort of thing wizarding parents might use on children who won't brush their teeth, or go to bed, in the same way we use 'or the monsters/bogeyman etc. will get you' on our children. James might have the guilt of contradicting everything his parents have ever told him about werewolves, whereas Sirius might not have that. Sirius could perhaps see being friends with a werewolf as another way in which to rebel against his parents. He and James would both see it as an adventure in the end, but their inital internal reactions, especially James', might be a little different. Peter, I actually think, might be the most trusting in their younger years, especially if Remus and he had befriended each other before they became close with James and Sirius.

    However, it depends on how you write it and how you see the characters. I think any way could be plausible, if backed up with knowledge about their personalities and past.

    Sarah x

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    It just seems a little strange that he wouldn't care at all.

    Well, James, Sirius, and Peter were already friends with Remus by the time they found out about him, presumably very close friends. They knew the real Remus and saw how much he suffered every month - how could they reject him after that? I think if you are writing a story about it, it becomes a matter of personal preference. You could have the other boys be conflicted about it, or unwavering in their loyalty to their friend. Either way just needs backup. Given that they then spent almost three years trying to figure out the Animagus transformation, I personally tend to think they were okay with it with little inner conflict. Remus was their friend, werewolf or not. It's one of the things that makes these characters so rich.


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    I think they'd worked it out before they confronted Remus about it. They shared a dorm with him, so their suspicions would have been raised by the amount of time he spent away from them.

    I imagine that they used to discuss it a lot and then one day decided to confront him with it. By that time, i suspect that they were ... well, if not exactly comfortable with the truth ... they weren't scared of him either.

    Remus would not have told them about his condition until it was absolutely necessary. he had far too much to lose. And it would only be necessary if they showed him proof that they knew.

    Ron's reaction in POA is prejudice mixed with fear and ignorance. I imagine that Sirius, James and Peter have all been taught along the same lines as the Weasley's regarding werewolves, but they have different reactions. I can see Sirius being excited and totally unthinking about how awful it would be for Remus, Peter being more scared initially but also more sympathetic towards Remus, and James ... hmm, whilst I can imagine his parents telling him lots of bogey men type stories, he's also reckless - like Sirius - and maybe trusts Dumbledore not to unleash a dangerous beast on them all.


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    Thnks everybody for your help! I never expected so many replies!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maple_and_PheonixFeather
    I don't know if this is canon or not, but for some reason, I always thought that they found out by themselves.
    Just for the record, yeah, they find out by themselves. Remus says so in PoA. And thanks for your help!

    ~Midnight Storm

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    On Peter:

    I think that at school, Peter must have been a loyal friend otherwise James' would have never let him stick around. At the beginning of DH Remus mentions that James thought it would be horrible not to trust one of his friends. So Peter started off loyal, probably did give James and Sirius an ego-boost by agreeing with everything they said. But that doesn't mean Peter couldn't think independently. He probably offered up ideas and had interesting things to say every now and then. But probably around the time that James and Lily started dating, Peter probably started to feel left out. Once they left Hogwarts and each took different paths he probably started to feel like his friends didn't care about him. I am a believer that Peter joined Voldemort before James and Lily went into hiding. I don't think he would have joined Voldemort after Lily and James trusted him with their lives. But, because he had already joined Voldemort and we know that Peter was a coward he couldn't back out. He now believed that even though his friends still trusted him, they would not win. I think Peter probably felt slightly guilty about what he did. As Scabbers, Peter protected Harry occasionally. On the train first year, Draco's gang was giving Harry and Ron a hard time. Scabbers bit them. Then of course the most memorable moment of Peter protecting Harry was in DH at Malfoy manner. There was more to Marauder Peter than J.K ever let us see, because if James and Sirius just wanted a fan there were plenty to go around. And honestly, I think Peter himself felt betrayed by his friends and that is why he joined Voldemort.

    On Remus:

    This was going to be shorter, but there is a lot to Remus' character. I believe Remus felt horrible about what Sirius did, but have we stopped to wonder if Sirius really was trying to kill Snape? Shoebox Project's description of the WW incident I think is one of the most interesting. Snape had been bothering Sirius about Remus and Sirius made an off-hand comment about the Willow and Remus just expecting Snape to get hit by a branch. He mentions it to James, who realizes the implications of what Sirius said and ran to save Snape (though there are a few comedic problems, mostly including trousers). When Sirius realizes what he did, he feels horrible. When Remus finds out he is not mad, because he knew Sirius did not intentionally try to hurt him or Snape. Looking at the way Remus discussed the event, I think this description is accurate to all of the characters. Sirius never really wanted to kill anyone unless he had reason, like Peter. I don't think he ever wanted to kill Snape, he just wanted to scare him. Sirius was not cruel enough to ever try to kill Snape. Remus, though he put up with his friend's pranks, would not have remained friends with Sirius if he thought he had done something like this. I'm still not sure why Remus and Sirius thought the other was the spy. Some fanfics have suggested that Peter placed the idea in their heads. If I had to guess, it is because neither suspected Peter so who else was there to suspect? The Marauders were Remus' first friends, I don't think he suspected Sirius easily. But only a few people knew the information about Lily and James, so how many people did he have to suspect? And I think one reason Sirius may have suspected Remus, was there is a chance that Dumbledore had Remus spying on werewolves as he had him do in the second war. Remus therefore would be absent a great deal of the time, probably not able to say what he was doing, therefore making him seem like a traitor. Remus was loyal, but also moral and smart. Like I said, he would not stick by a friend who would try to kill someone as a joke. But because he was loyal, he could see killing someone who betrayed his closest friends.

    I hope everything I said made sense, I tend to ramble...

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    Peter, in my story, is a character I am quite proud of. I hate him, but I'm really happy with how he has been turning out. To me, Peter was a little bit like Neville only not brave in the slightest. He's quiet, hopeless at dueling but he is very good when it comes to subjects that don't require too much coordination, and Peter is very observant. He has to be if he was a spy for Voldemort for over a year.

    And I don't think he was just a tag along that Sirius and James used to boost their ego, if that had been the case, Sirius would not have even suggested him as the Potter's Secret-Keeper. I think Peter was more of the guy everyone looked out for. James, Sirius and Remus all cared for him, thats why his betrayal is so horrible. And even Lily was quite fond of Peter. She said in the letter to Sirius in DH that "Wormy was over the other day, he seemed down." or something along those lines she liked Peter enough to give him her own nickname; Wormy.

    As for swearing, I think that is really up in the air. It all depends on how you develop your characters.

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    As some people have said, I think that Peter was the one who was the "self esteem booster"- he admired everything that the other Marauders did and said.

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    I like to think Peter as a bit of both the tagalong with some redeeming qualities. I have a hard time imagining the Marauders keeping a tagalong as annoying as him for ALL those years unless Peter did have something to offer (other than ego boosts). Remember Peter did have that one moment of hesitation in DH which lead to his death. He was also in Gryffindor. Everyone has their good points. Writing the same old 2-dimensional tagalong Peter has been done a million times before, try something more refreshing!

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    First, let me say that the analysis in this thread is both intimidating and inspiring particularly as I'm embarking on a Marauder Era piece at the moment. I will definately be coming back as I flesh out Peter and Remus (though I do like the points made by cmwinters, fg_weasley, Rushia,and wauwabee on Peter's characterization; that's sort of where my Peter is going). One thing I noticed a few people mention in earlier posts was a MWPP History Class. Any ideas on how to find the old discussions on that?
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    Honestly, I think James and Sirius would think Peter to be amusing, so they keep him around to laugh at him. I agree that they would keep him around because they like the attention as well. Whatever the reason, I don't think that they actually wanted him there or cared about him at first, but after a while grew to like him. They let him become an animagus with then, and trusted him with the Potters' safety, though, evidently, he didn't really care about them.

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