Currently I'm writing a chaptered Lily/James fic where, naturally, the main characters are the Marauders. However, I'm running into a few roadblocks.

What do you guys think about Wormtail's character? I've read way too much fanfiction, and now I have no idea what my stand on the matter is. Part of me says he's uncool, a tagalong, obtuse, etc. There's certainly canon evidence for that. And yet...the Marauders didn't outright reject him. Did he have his redeeming qualities, do you think, or was he just a very persistent tagalong?

What do you think about swearing with the Marauders? As a high school student, I know full well most teenage boys will not say "gosh darnit!" when life isn't going their way. And yet...swearing in the books is very minimal and light, the worst being Mrs.Weasley's explitive shouted at Bellatrix during the last battle in DH. So, do you think swearing is OOC? What do you think?