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Thread: The Weekly Drabble - Pairing Up - Results!

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    Author Names: joanna and whatapotter
    Houses: Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff
    Title: Like Father, Like Son
    Word length: 489 words, and 496 words
    Warnings: None
    The scene that the drabbles are based on: The scene between Barty Crouch Sr. and Jr. where Barty Crouch Jr. kills his father.
    The two characters: Barty Crouch Senior, Barty Crouch Junior

    joanna's drabble:

    So it’s time then, Son. I see you are surprised to see me here. Yes, I was able to thwart your master. And I knew we would soon stand face to face. I knew it would come to this; I knew it the day I brought you home from Azkaban. I know you don’t understand why I have done the things I did, but I always had your best at my heart. Even when you were sentenced, it was for your best, Son. You had to see the error of your ways. But you still don’t see it. I can see it in your eyes, even if they are the eyes of someone else. I can see that you have been waiting for this moment. I have been waiting for it too. No father should see the things you had done and live with the thought that his good name was dragged through the mud. No father should live with the knowledge that he conceived a monster.

    I don’t know where we went wrong with you. I know that I always taught you to respect the name you wore, to respect your father and mother who gave life to you. I taught you that with that name came responsibility. Responsibility which you always seemed to avoid. Oh, your mother said that we should leave you alone and that you would become a fine young man once you have calmed down, but I doubted her. I knew I should have been harder on you while you were at school. You spent too much time befriending the wrong people instead of studying for your career. You could have been a famous Auror, Son, one like you impersonate now. I could have taught you so much, but you chose another teacher. You chose a master to serve above a father to respect!

    I know this pain, Son. It’s no stranger to me. It was no stranger to me either when your master came and tortured me. I might be screaming now, but my thoughts are clear. I fought this curse many a time before you were even born. But you never appreciated what I had accomplished. You never respected me and you still don’t. A respectful son would have killed his father right away - not torture him for the fun of it. Oh, I know you would like me to beg for my life! But your wish is futile. I never have and I certainly won’t do it now. I wish you had the courage to end it, but you never have been courageous. You are a mere monster, and I’m ashamed to have fathered a son like you.

    I hear someone coming. Well, that will end this. And though you might think that you won this battle between us, you are wrong, Son. For in the end, this act will lead to your doom, and I die with this assurance.

    whatapotter's drabble:

    So, Father, it has come to this. You and me, with only my wand between us. How I have wished for this day. How I have dreamed! All those long days and nights that I spent locked away in Hell. Those endless, torturous days, where night seemed day and day seemed night and both were indistinguishable from the next and the next… And the pain, the memories... They twisted and clawed and ravished through my skull so much that I wondered if I still lived. Yes, even with breath upon my lips I wondered whether it was real, whether I was still real. And the real twist, the real catch to this story, Father, is that you did all this to me. You! You dared to look at me with such disappointment in your eyes, and in the next second you sentenced me to Hell. As if I betrayed you! Bastard! Was that look conceived, Father? Was it pretence? Were you? Sometimes I wonder if I ever knew you at all.

    Well, it hardly matters now. All that is important now is your life in my hands. Is that terror I see in your eyes, Father? Do you cringe from me? Your own son. Do you, perhaps, wonder where you went wrong, what error you took in life to raise such a monster? Well, think again, Father. The only monster standing between us is you - Your arrogance, your pride, your bloody name! You would sacrifice the world for your name. Well you sacrificed me, anyway. Or maybe it was just that I wasn’t your world. Well, who bloody cares anyway! I certainly don’t! I have found my way, Father, I have found my teacher. And what a teacher he is. You thought yourself such a disciplinarian, you thought to drill intelligence into my skull, and when I didn’t turn out to be your own carbon-copy, you abandoned me. Well, Father, I wonder if you’ll be impressed with how much I’ve learned now.

    Oh, it feels good! I’ve waited too long for this, waited too long to see you writhing at my feet. Will you plead, Father? Oh, how I wish you beg for your life! It hurts, doesn’t it, Father? Oh, I know how it hurts – my Master is not easy to please. Are you still defiant? Even twitching and screaming at my feet, do you still believe yourself superior? Oh, yes, you do – I see it now. Your arrogance knows no bounds, Father. I must remedy that…

    Someone’s coming. Our time together must be cut short. It’s fitting really – you brought me into this world, now I shall send you from it. Will you die on the floor at my feet, Father? Where the Hell is your precious dignity now? Merlin, you repulse me. I’m ashamed to be of your blood, Father. Ha! I suppose it’s some twisted irony that the moment we agree on something is the moment of your death.

    Goodbye, Father.

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    ms weasley
    Author Names: kentuck and ms weasley
    Houses: Hufflepuff and Gryffindor
    Title: Through Black Eyes
    Word Length: 388 and 269
    Warnings: Character death.
    The scene that the drabbles are based on: The battle at the Department of Mysteries.
    The two characters: Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange.

    By Kentuck: Sirius

    She lunges at me, but I jump back. She is too over-enthusiastic. She never stops to plan her next move, instead she merely flails her wand and shouts a jumble of mixed up spells.

    I laugh at her worthless attempts, and I watch her eyes shoot up in flames. She curses and sends a hex at me. It whistles by my left ear. I watch as she raises her wand over her head. Her fingers are quivering, and a trickle of sweat is meandering down the side of her cheek. Her lips are curved upward in a smile distorted with evil. Her nose is crinkled with concentration and tiny black hairs curl up on her forehead. Her eyes are dark brown verging on black. They contain delight. Unlike me, she is consumed with the fight.

    As our eyes meet her whole body freezes. The sounds of the room stop and I feel myself traveling back through time. I spin through bright memories of the small, unhappy child called ‘Bella,’ until my mind rests on my sixteen year old self. It is the day I learned what a hateful, deceitful woman my cousin is, the day she refused me entrance to her home.

    She stands in the doorway to a large house that has gone to waste. Her face has changed drastically, her cheeks are plump and her eyes have not yet sunken into her head. I stand on her doorstep a few yards back. I can feel my hopes about living with her start to evaporate.

    I watch her eyes, for those would show me her decision first. I tried to beg, yet my mouth would not open. Her eyes darken and she opens her mouth wide. She laughs a high, piercing laugh as she closes her large front door.

    A corner of the door catches my front. I fly backwards, yet instead of landing in the grass beyond, I begin to fall through darkness. I try to open my eyes, to resume the fight but I cannot. There is only gloom and shadows here. The shadows come out slowly and cover my body like a blanket. The shadows reach my face. They shoot through my mouth and cover my eyes. I can perceive only darkness and my life starts to fade away. The shadows will consume me…
    By Ms Weasley: Bella

    I smile, but without any real humour, as he leaps aside to avoid my spell. A gnat, that’s what he is. He could choose to leave, move out of my way. But… no.

    He always made things difficult. Always. Every single time he had to make a choice, he made the wrong one. Never thought about anyone but himself. No thought for his parents, who had to suffer the social stigma of having a treacherous Gryffindor as a son. No thought for his cousin – no thought for me. He turned away from us, so we cast him out.

    I don’t owe him anything.

    Who is he to mock me? That scum. He isn’t fit to lick my boots. How dare he laugh at me? There’s no way he can win. His dark hair is matted against his skull, his eyes hollowed and full of a curious emptiness. We both faced Azkaban. That place changes you. But does he think that the years have made him my equal? He could never hope to match me in a duel, even when we were kids. Some things don’t change.

    I can still see him now. Newly sorted. The traitor. What did he think? That we would welcome him with open arms? So naive. He shouts something. His words ring in my ears, but I don’t really hear them.

    “Is that the best you can do?”

    My wand cuts an arc through the air, flashing in the dimly-lit room. He continues to laugh, until my spell hits him head-on. I turn away, ready to rejoin the main battle.

    I don’t owe him anything.

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    Author Names: Loralie and Mugglemathdork
    Houses: Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw
    Title: Frozen Willows and Creepy Spiders
    Word Length: 327 and 365
    Warnings: none
    The scene that the drabbles are based on: "the one where the Big Wolf takes Ron" as my daughter says -PoA- Sirius (as a dog) draggs Ron to the Whomping Willow.
    The two characters: Whomping Willow and Ron Weasley

    I am so bored. Maybe that’s because I am a board! HAHAHA. I crack my self up. No, I don’t want any cracks, but I do laugh myself silly! That’s it, I laugh myself silly. Oh Merlin, I am bored. I was put here to guard the entrance to that old shack, but I’m so good that no one has dared come near me in ages. That flying car got me some attention, but that HURT.

    I’m bored.

    What’s this? Someone’s coming? Oh, it’s that big black dog again! And he’s dragging something with bright red fur (or is it hair?) with him. I haven’t seen him in years! He used to get past me all the time, him and his friends...but not this time!


    Shoot! I missed! And now I’m frozen. I hate being frozen.

    But here come some more! That smart girl and the boy who crashed the car into me…I’ll get them!


    I got them! I got th-

    I’m frozen again. That stupid cat, how’d he know what buttons to push? It must’ve been that dog who told it! And now those kids are in the passage too. I am in so much trouble! I’ll be lucky if I’m not kindling after this!

    OOO, Another chance. It’s that new teacher from the school. Wait- I recognize him! He was the boy they planted me for. Long time no see!!

    And I’m frozen again. I hate this. Three times in one night?! I wish I could just go on vacation. But NO, I’m rooted to the spot!!

    Another teacher? What, are they having a party or something? You know- if I was allowed to let people in today, I wish someone would have let me know! Swinging all these branches around gets tiring. That’s one good thing about that car hitting me last year- I got a good trim and lost a few pounds!

    I’m frozen. Again. I hate this job.
    Why is he behaving like this? Blasted rat!
    Oy! How did he manage to squirm away and run off? I had a pretty tight hold on him.

    Oh, bloody hell! I can’t believe I have to chase that blasted rodent. I sure hope that monstrosity Hermione calls a cat doesn’t eat him before I get there.

    I can’t reach them. Argh! That’s it - I’m throwing myself at Scabbers and catching him before that flat-faced fur ball.

    Oomph! I got him. Let me try putting him in a pocket perhaps he’ll stay and stop struggling. There you go…that appears to be working.

    Why can I see Harry and Hermione? Oh, that’s right I threw the cloak off myself in my haste. They must have chased me. What is Hermione ranting about now?!
    I really want to tell her off about that stupid cat. Maybe I wi-

    WAIT! What is that?! It’s a gigantic black dog! And he’s running towards us.

    Oh no! He’s attacked Harry! I better help my mate. Where’s my wand?
    That beast is turning around – have to get up, find my wand, stun the creature, bin-


    What in Merlin’s beard?! The brute is dragging me… like a rag doll. And by my wand arm no less!

    I have to fight back – I can’t let it drag me off, mangle me, and discard me who knows where.
    Okay! Kicking around like a flobberworm isn’t doing much, but maybe I can try holding on to something.

    Oh, a root to wrap my foot around. Perfect. Perhaps it’ll slow it down. Bugger this dog is stronger than I thought. Must fight it back!

    Why does it feel drafty all of a sudden? The beast is taking me into a tunnel. Well, I’ll be darned if I let it drag me into that dark, cold, scary, probably full of spiders…tunnel. ARGH!
    I have to get away! NOW!


    Oh! What was that cracking noise? OWWW! My leg just snapped! Mum is going to kill me for breaking my leg.

    Where is this bloody hound taking me to anyway? ARGH! Spiders! No! Broken. Leg. More. Painful. AHH! A spider! I think I’m going to pass out….

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    Author Names: the nutty imp and Cinderella Angelina
    Houses: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff
    Title: um...we didn't get that far.
    Word length: 242 and 285
    Warnings: well, unbetaed mainly
    The scene that the drabbles are based on: The Dueling Club scene in CoS
    The two characters:Vincent Crabbe and Lavender Brown

    Miel's drabble

    My stomach growled; I turned to Gregory, he too was hungry. I wonder if we should ask Draco if we could go get ourselves a snack or two. I looked around only to find our leader up front with Harry Potter. I stood up and attempted to take my rightful place by Draco's side.

    "Crabbe, Goyle, sit down."

    I looked at Draco for instruction. He nodded and thus I did as Professor Snape told.


    I eyed the snake that came out of Draco's wand and wondered if snakes are edible... My train of thought was disturbed by a loud bang. Professor Lockhart managed to throw the snake up high in the air. I grinned; 'tossed snake' sounds promising, I wonder what sort of salad dressing would best go with it ... or should that be called snake dressing because it'll be used on the snake; although I never understood the point of putting a dress on my food since I'm going to eat it anyway.

    Potter suddenly stepped in between a small Gryffindor boy and my dressed snake (although it hasn't been dressed yet). Potter hissed; the snake slumped into the floor. I was about to go grab my dressed snake snack when Draco appeared by my side, "Let's go, Crabbe."

    I reluctantly gave the snake one last look, but that matters not, I'm sure Gregory and I could convince Draco to let us take a short kitchen detour.
    CA's Drabble

    Parvati was right. Professor Lockhart (or dear Gilderoy, as I like to think of him) is in charge of the Dueling Club. I’m so glad I came. Not that I intend to be in many duels in the near future (unless that Lisa Turpin bats her eyelashes at dear Gilderoy one time too many). I just like looking at him. He’s so handsome, and so brave.

    Just look at the expression on Professor Snape’s face. He knows he’s met his match with this man. That color is so lovely on him – on Gilderoy. Snape never wears anything but black, and I doubt that any color looks good on him, but that beautiful plum color is just divine. I’m going to charm my hair ribbon that color – maybe he’ll notice! Maybe he’ll smile, or even wink at me!

    It matches perfectly! And no one besides Parvati has even noticed that my hair looks a little purple around the edges! It’s a nice touch, I think. Maybe if I charm my whole head that color he’ll be really impressed!

    Better not risk it. Besides, he’s about to start talking. I just love his voice. I could listen to it for the rest of my life.

    A man’s value should be measured in the elegance of his bow.

    Oh my goodness! Is he hurt? Will he be okay? How nasty of Professor Snape to blow him off his feet like that! Whoa, whoa, why is everyone converging on me? Aaaa! It’s his wand! I’ve got his wand, it’s right here by my feet! I can’t seem to stop squealing.

    He thanked me. Our hands brushed as I handed his wand to him. I think I’m going to faint.

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    Author Names: HogwartsDuchess and CM Winters
    Houses: Gryffindor and Slytherin
    Title: In the Name of Love
    Word Length: 307 and 434
    Warnings: Some mild swearing, that takes place in the books
    The scene that the drabbles are based on: "Snape's Worst Memory" from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

    The two characters: Lily Evans and Severus Snape

    Quote Originally Posted by HogwartsDuchess

    There's Potter. Stupid git. Doesn't he know that no matter how much he ruffles his hair, he'll still never get me? I have my eye set on a different prize. Speaking of...there he is. My potions partner. God, have I ever been so stupid over a boy in my life? What? What's that Potter’s doing? Did he just? He DID! That prat! Hexing Severus is not the best way to interest me! I'd better get over there and help.

    Did he just? He did. He called me a Mudblood. All those talks over bubbling potions, all those walks around the grounds after hours...did that all mean nothing to him? Mudblood? How dare he? His own father is a Muggle! He's not Pureblooded either, that slimy git! Ugh! I'm so mad I could spit nails at him. I won't, though. He's starting to look a bit stricken there. It would serve him right. I can't believe he called me that! I thought he really cared about me. I thought we were getting married after school...I guess I thought wrong. Fine. If he wants to play it that way, there are things I can say. He can just take that sexy voice and whisper to someone else with it!

    Ha! The look on his face. Snivellus – I have to hand it to Potter, he is certainly creative with this stuff. I hope Potter really does take off his underpants. Wait a minute…is that Lucius Malfoy? It is. That’s why he said that. Well, I’m sick of him trying to protect me from his slimy friends. I don’t care what they’ll do to me. I’m sick of being a dirty little secret in a cupboard. I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Either he tells his filthy little friends about us, or we’re done.

    God, I hope it doesn’t come to that.
    Quote Originally Posted by CMWinters

    I think that's all right then; I appear to have answered them all properly. The practical examination should be a breeze. Think I'll head up to the library to study for Transfigu . . .

    ARGH! No!

    Accio! Accio Wand!!! How could I have been so stupid not to master that first?! ACCIO WAND!

    Oh if I could just get my wand, I could release this jinx. Snape, you idiot! Work on that post-haste, you imbecile.

    All right, look, you are the Half-Blood Prince, you can fight this. So fight it!

    BLECH! Oh Merlin, that's foul. I can't even get this taste out of my mouth without my wand! You just wait, Potter, I swear I will end you.

    Oh Lily, for the love of Merlin, be quiet. Don't draw any attention to yourself, to us! Well, now, wait, I can move a bit . . . I might be able to get my wand if she continues haranguing him.

    Just a little bit further now . . . stretch, come on! GOT IT!


    Hah! You prat! You just . . .

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! How the hell did he learn that??

    Lovely. THIS is a dignified vantage point . . . did she just laugh at me? How could she?

    What the hell? Who is that? BLAST! MALFOY!

    Oh God Lily, no, shut up! SHUT UP SHUTUP!!! DON'T! NO!


    If you hex her, Potter, I swear I will find a way to sneak into your dorm, cast a Silencing charm over you and cut you to ribbons in your sleep, and nobody will ever hear you scream. So help me.

    Bugger, Malfoy is watching. What is he even DOING here? He must be on governor's business for his father. Damn, Lily, I am so sorry, but if he ever suspects anything between us, you will be in so much danger. . .

    Ouch. I cannot believe I actually said that. But Malfoy just went in the castle, so he must be satisified.

    Oh my God, I cannot believe she actually said THAT! How could she call me that?!

    All right, turnabout is fair play, I will talk to her tomorrow and explain. She'll understand. I hope.

    Did she just say I am as bad as POTTER? I make her sick? What the devil? Maybe she won't understand! Or maybe she figured it out, and is playing along. She knows I'd never actuallly call her that.

    Potter, you inexplicable bastard, I have my wand now, I can cast my own bloody counter-jinx – I invented the stupid thing!

    I just hope Lily will forgive me.

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    Author Names: Undividable410 and mspadfoot89
    Houses: Slytherin and Ravenclaw
    Title: Don't Let Them Through and Helping Padfoot
    Word Length: 281 and 303
    Warnings: none
    The scene that the drabbles are based on: PoA, at the Whomping Willow, where Sirius drags Ron and Peter (a.k.a. Scabbers) into the Shrieking Shack
    The Two Characters: The Whomping Willow and Crookshanks

    Don't Let Them Through

    What is this? I marvel as three teenage children and a large black dog move far too close to my trunk. Get away! I swing my branches roughly at them. You aren’t supposed to be here! Nobody is!

    I manage to hit two of the children, but the dog, and the red-head he had grabbed by the arm, are stealthily moving closer. They’re almost to the passageway I was planted to protect. No! You don’t belong here! Move away! Go fight somewhere else!

    Ouch! The bloody red-head had grabbed hold of one of my roots with his foot, to prevent himself from being pulled into the tunnel. Let go! Go back up to the castle and take your mutt with you!

    My anger is taking full control of me and I continue to swing my limbs wildly at the girl and dark-haired boy; hopefully they’ll leave. I wasn’t planted here to let people through you know! Luckily, they aren’t trying too hard to get through. In fact, they are simply talking, standing just out of reach of my boughs.

    Oh no! That darn cat! I’ve noticed it hanging around that dog before, and it knows my weakness. The furry creature bolts between my branches, but try as I might to knock it away, the thing somehow manages not to be hit. No! Not the knothole! But I’ve no way of stopping it. I am frozen.

    Taking advantage of my petrified state, the other children advance beneath my branches, to the gap between my roots. They and their cat are to follow the others along the path to the Shrieking Shack. All I can do is hope that they know it.
    Helping Padfoot

    I watch silently as my Hermione and her friends approach. I can smell his presence among them—it had been a long time since I’d last seen the rat. Of course I had never liked him. From the beginning I sensed there the way he always hid, the way he sulked—because even rats can sulk—the way he would shy from everyone, and I didn’t like it.

    I bare my teeth preparing to come out of my hiding bush and pounce on him. I would never eat him, much as I might want to. No, the Animagus wanted him alive. I had no idea what for, but he had let me know that it was important. But I was too late. The Animagus was on him now and dragging the red-haired friend of Hermione as well. I felt bad for him, but it was a sacrifice I knew, would have to be made.

    The hardest part was yet to come, though. I watched in anxiety as Hermione and her other friend fought against the Whomping Willow. I knew I should help them out, but if Hermione found out that I had worked with the Animagus, she would be mad at me—I know for a fact that they all despise him up there, though I really do not understand why. However, the Willow made my choice for me as it struck out furiously and I feared for Hermione . I couldn’t possibly let it go on, so I stepped out of my hiding place and place my hands on a knot upon the Willow. The Animagus had taught me this, and it never failed—the Willow stopped its moving completely. Avoiding the children’s gaze, I moved forward, showing them the way—determined upon redeeming myself and of course, helping … Padfoot along the way.

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    Author Names: wendelin the wierd and wishiwereaweasley
    Houses: Gryffindor and Ravenclaw
    Title: Burn Bright
    Word Length: 161 and 161
    Warnings: None
    The scene that the drabbles are based on: The graveyard scene in GoF when Voldemort returns

    wendelin the weird's drabble:
    Macnair let out a cold, high cruel laugh. His master would be resurrected. His master had power now.

    Oh, how long had he waited for this. Of course, he had gone to the ministry because he thought the Dark Lord wouldn’t return but now he had, and the Dark Lord had forgiven him.

    The mark burned in his arm, it seemed to possess an almost silvery quality. It was the dark side would rise once again, they would be in power once again and nobody could stop them. Just like the old days.

    The Dark Lord wouldn’t let a teenage boy come in his way. Even now as he blessed Pettigrew with a new hand, the Death Eaters sneered in comtempt. Pettigrew was weak, Pettigrew shouldn’t have been taken into his service.

    But what was more important was that now, once again the Death Eaters were in power, once again the Dark Mark would shine brightly in the sky.
    wishiwereaweasley's drabble
    Lucius kept his eyes downcast under his mask. His mind was racing, had been for the past weeks, come to that, and it wouldn’t do for any of his thoughts and emotions to be seen in his eyes. There was no keeping them from the front of his mind, though.

    He still couldn’t believe the Dark Lord had returned. Lucius had thought him finished, and he knew he wasn’t alone in that. It was of utmost importance that no one knew he had wavered. He must be seen as loyal.

    The Dark Lord had clearly not lost his touch. Lucius saw him go around the circle of remaining Death Eaters, and they all submitted just as they had before. Perhaps it would be alright, then. Lucius decided then and there to throw himself back behind his old master. He would have power again. A different kind of power, but power nonetheless.

    The Dark Mark would burn bright in the sky again.

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    Author Names: Insecurity, songbook99
    Houses: Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff
    Title: Assessment
    Word length: 482, 461
    Warnings: None
    The scene that the drabbles are based on: Umbridge's inspection of McGonagall's Transfiguration class.
    The two characters: Umbridge, McGonagall

    Insecurity's drabble for Umbridge:
    The Ministry have given me some tedious jobs in the past, but I quite like this one. Having the chance to criticise and irritate all the staff at Hogwarts – from the normal to the deranged – is like a hobby with a comfortable salary. It’s a shame that each professor only requires one inspection.

    Today, I am inspecting Minerva McGonagall’s lesson. I would respect the way she demands obedience with so little words, if she didn’t do it with such an uppity manner, like she knows best because she’s taught for longer than half the faculty have breathed. She’s stuck in her ways and blinded by the headmaster; yes, she will certainly be a challenge for me.

    She’s refusing to acknowledge me, as I expected. A small cough should remind her of her rudeness.

    “Hem, hem.” I make sure that this cough is as sickly sweet as the one interrupting Dumbledore’s speech. She cringed when she heard that, gripping tight onto her fork and clenching her fist so that her face creased like old, greyed parchment. This time, however, she ignores me. I am dismayed. I try again, this time she feigns ignorance.

    Even her one syllable answer of ‘yes’ in that irritating Scottish accent is enough to ache my insides with frustration.

    I persevere with her for a few minutes, knowing that she’ll have to back down eventually and recognise my authority. With mocking in her tone, she responds to me in the same way she would an interrupting student. How dare she embarrass me in this manner? And she pretends it is something to be proud of, like when a student casts a hex and then wears a large, jeering grin to boast about it. Well, her face is indifferent but I know that inwardly that smarmy grin is present. Putting quill to parchment, I write: Shows no respect for fellow members of faculty in front of students.

    Concentrating on her teaching methods, I am disgusted at how she is distributing mice and instructing the students to perform the Vanishing Spell. Honestly, those mice are going everywhere! It is chaotic, despite her hawk-like eyes scanning around the classroom. Behind her back, one measly child has the mouse held up by it’s tail and is prodding his wand in its eyeball. This despicable display of behaviour doesn’t occur in my classroom. McGonagall can uphold her strict posture, but underlying this facade her lessons are no more than chaotic. There is no use disciplining them one minute and setting them loose with mice the next. Students must learn that Hogwarts isn’t a large playground for them to live out their childish dreams; it is a place of learning and training to serve the Ministry in later years.

    After the lesson finishes, I ask her how long she has taught here. She replies saying thirty-nine years, as if this justifies her behaviour.
    songbook99's drabble for McGonagall:
    There she is. I knew she was going to be in my class today, but that does not mean I have to acknowledge her presence. No matter what nonsensical title that imbecile Fudge has decided to give that ridiculous woman, I will not let her presence interfere with my teaching. The title of Hogwarts High Inquisitor does not impress me.

    What I need to do is focus on teaching the students what they’ll need to know in order to pass their Transfiguration O.W.L. I’m going to ignore her little ‘hem, hem’ while I go over the instructions for Vanishing the mice Miss Brown is passing out.

    If only it were that simple. Dolores does manage to make a nuisance of herself quite easily, especially with that repetitive and annoying fake cough. She may have gotten to me when she first used it to interrupt Dumbledore at the Sorting Feast, but I will not let it interfere now. After all, she won’t be able to assess my teaching if I let her disrupt my class with her presence. Pointing that out to her might get her to stop interrupting with ‘hem, hem’ long enough for me to finish instructing my class.

    Though I hated having to acknowledging her lurking behind me in the corner she has chosen, it seems to have gotten her to remain quiet. The fact that the scratching of her quill on parchment might mean she is giving me a bad review doesn’t worry me. Being able to take her down a peg in front of a class full of students is worth any comment about lack of respect she might decide to include in her little report.

    I can see from the expressions on the faces of my students that they enjoyed it just as much as I did. Of course, it is time to make sure they get to work Vanishing their mice. I refuse to let a single one of them perform below the level I know they can while she is sitting there smugly taking notes on my instruction methods.

    It looks like Mr. Longbottom may need a little extra instruction in order to keep him on track with the rest of the class. Perhaps a little conference about the proper method for the incantation will help him with that, and it will give me the side benefit of moving farther away from that woman.

    Well, the class easily demonstrated their ability with the Vanishing Spell since most of them were able to Vanish their mouse before they packed up to leave. Now all I have to do is deal with whatever irritating questions Dolores has before I can escape to the comfort of my office. Hopefully after today she’ll know to keep her distance.

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    I think we are going to have to have more collaborations because the entries were all fantastic!!

    However, there has to be winners, tough though it is to pick them.

    • 1st: At Odds by Malko050987 and Moonymaniac
    • 2nd: Frozen Willows and Creepy Spiders by Loralie and Mugglemathdork
    • 3rd Jointly: Like Father, Like Son by joanna and Whatapotter, and Untitled by Oppungo and Mr Tibbles.
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