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Thread: News Corner of the RD

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    News Corner of the RD

    I know I've been slightly....missing the last week. Summer semester just started and I've been piled with textbook reading. But here I am. Just a few notices from your friendly neighborhood RD mod...

    1) I've done a lot of cleaning up. Old threads are in the Filing Cabinet.

    2) I will post the new FFIF and judge last week's challenge sometime in the next 24 hours, but I've got training for work in the morning and then an intense doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon (this doctor's appointment = >.<) and so I won't be around until later tomorrow sometime. But don't worry, I would never forget the FFIF.

    3) There are a bunch of you who are great at participating in the discussions here but... Some people are getting very spammy, mostly people who are new to our neck of the woods. If you are repeating what has been said, we really don't need your reply. This is a place for productive discussions and helpful answers about questions.

    You guys make this forum great.


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    Double post to make another announcement.

    I'm dealing with some major drama right now, so it will still be a bit before I get to judging the FFIF Quidditch Drabble.

    Also, the FFIF is being suspended for a while...until the early fall. We have something special planned....

    -rubs hands together and vanishes in a cloak of secrecy, leaving behind a clue in her sig-

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    Starting on Sunday, July 9th, an amazing thing will commence. Something called the 'Harry Hospital Wing Project.' Through the course of the next month, we'll be working to write some solid one-shots centered around a very special theme with the help of all of the Hospital Wing Forums and points will be awarded for your effort in completing this challenge. For more details, visit this thread linkage in the Great Hall.

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    First item of business:

    We had a glitch with the Healer usergroup, and so if you haven't submitted/resubmitted your request to join the group since Friday, then your request has been lost. So just put in another one.

    The Harry Hospital Wing Project kicks off tomorrow. Essentially it's just a big challenge in which we're encouraging you to use the Help Forums more than ever before.

    Second item of business:

    I'm dying to go see Dead Man's Chest again. That is all.

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    Extra! Extra! Read all about it! rita_skeeter is my new co-pilot for this here Reference Desk. She's scarier than me. Bwahaha!

    Actually, I don't know if she's scarier than me, but she's basically awesome, and she's gonna be helping out in here from now on. She'll shoot you with lasers from her eyes if you try anything funny.

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    I'm actually discovering more and more that my first mate Sarah is a lot like me, except younger. Anyway, she's been awarding points, and she's bee keeping a tally of those that she's been adding, so... That's where your points are right that haven't been posted. They're just hovering over at Sarah's house, and she'll be posting them up soon, so don't you worry your little barnacles, me hearties!

    Take what you can, give nothing back.

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    Just a few things to take note of...

    -No more join requests for the Healer Group will be accepted for this Hospital Wing Project.

    -Sarah, my lovely first mate, has sailed off for a vacation on some silly RL ship. She'll be back in two weeks. If you hadn't noticed, I've been mainly taking care of the SCU while she's been taking care of this half of the RD, but I'm here with my Complete Captainly Attention now.

    -When you're replying in a thread *PLEASE* do not quote the entire post of whoever you're replying to.


    It's not necessary. If you want to reference a point, then do it. But when I see people who are the first to reply to a new thread quoting the whole thing... We know what you're replying to. An example of when to quote and when not to quote would be in the "Ask Mar" thread. I don't quote all of the message stuff unless there's something relevant that I'm saying about it, I only referenced the questions.

    You're not gonna lose points for this, just makes things simpler. If you're using a lot of quotes to make it look like your post is super-duper important and smart (which I know isn't the case 99% of the time), please don't go to the effort. Sarah and I read ALL of the posts in here.

    That's mainly why I don't want you to use excessive quotes. I don't want to be reading the same thing over and over and over.

    Much piratey love,
    Captain Mar

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    The FFIF Drabble challenge for this week (about Gryffindor House) has been extended until Monday, September 4, because of the Labor Day weekend in the US. Because I know that no one will have anything better to do than write a drabble.

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    We have a new subforum to house all of our language and cultural threads so that they will be easy to find. A little bit of new organization to start off the new school year. It should just make it easier to find the people help and the random all other HP related help now.

    Captain Mar

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    Well, how do I say this?

    Last news post from Marie. The Captain is stepping down. From here on out, Sarah/rita_skeeter will be taking the helm of this ship. This is an amazing forum where people can help each other and discuss fascinating things. From Fortnightly Forays to the grandoise Hospital Wing Project, it's been fabulous working with most of you users!

    -throws confetti-

    -passes the turny-wheel-steering thing to Sarah-

    Goodluck and goodnight.

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