I know I've been slightly....missing the last week. Summer semester just started and I've been piled with textbook reading. But here I am. Just a few notices from your friendly neighborhood RD mod...

1) I've done a lot of cleaning up. Old threads are in the Filing Cabinet.

2) I will post the new FFIF and judge last week's challenge sometime in the next 24 hours, but I've got training for work in the morning and then an intense doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon (this doctor's appointment = >.<) and so I won't be around until later tomorrow sometime. But don't worry, I would never forget the FFIF.

3) There are a bunch of you who are great at participating in the discussions here but... Some people are getting very spammy, mostly people who are new to our neck of the woods. If you are repeating what has been said, we really don't need your reply. This is a place for productive discussions and helpful answers about questions.

You guys make this forum great.