Hi everyone!

I have been MIA for a fair while now, since RL things have been getting in the way time and again. However, I hope that I will be getting back on track immediately and thus sending far more modly love and attention your way.

Things that have been affected that I want to apologise for:

1) Excellent posts have not been recognised with points. I am sincerely sorry about this, but I hope you will all be content with the knowledge that you helped another user.

2) FFIF has still not been judged. Again, a failing of mine. It'll hopefully be done by Sunday and a new one will appear up then.

3) Some spammy posts have been slipping through. Rest assured that regulations will be tightening up from now.

Now, m'hearties, I'm really looking foward to a fresh, new RD. Get ready to impress me once again!