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Thread: Tracking Spells?

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    Tracking Spells?

    As an adult, Harry becomes an Auror, and as such, needs to track down various criminals. But how does an Auror go about doing that exactly?

    In a story I'm working on, Harry needs to track down an underage wizard in a foreign country for questioning. How would he go about finding him if the wizard feld? Is there some kind of tracking spell that excist somewhere in JK's playgound, or do you think there is some kind of device that is used? And also, can this spell track specific magical source, or can it get mixed up if there is another wizard the same age nearby?

    Any feedback at all would be appresiated? I'm really stuck on this one part.

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    No, it's illegal to "track" a wizard above the age of seventeen. Up until then they have the Trace on them though, so if the criminal in question is under seventeen, the Ministry could track him/her by detecting when he/she uses magic.

    As for finding a bad wizard, there have to be a number of ways aurors use. In OotP we see how Perkins (I think, could'a been someone else) had dozens of maps, posters, newspaper clippings, etc scattered about his work area. So obviously their judicial system doesn't work as ours does (well, I'm in America, so it may be different if you're in Britian). In teh Muggle world, the police are immediately sent to where the bad guy is, or if it's an investigation, they go Sherlock Holmes. If they're searching... well, the methods are different.

    So, how to find a bad wizard. You could incorporate the Muggle way by having the auror going to the last place where the criminal was sighted, asking around for information and all that. If you can without giving too much away, could you give more detailed information on who, what, when, where and all that?

    And if you haven't read DH, and don't know what the Trace is and the finer details, feel free to ask.


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    First of all he is a foreigner boy, and underage. In my opinion Harry will first contact the Ministry of Magic of that country for a permission to track the boy down, and to investigate him. IŽd like to think that there is an International Auror association, something like Interpol in Europe or FBI in the States, so he can go to them to help him with the case.

    So, basically you have two options, Harry gos to this country and get help there or he is turning to IAA (International Auror association) to track down this boy.

    A.H. has suggest (and I agree with her) that the Aurors like some kind of detectives, so you can use detectives pattern to create an Aurors and their methods.


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    Is this foreign underaged wizard innocent? I mean, is he a goody or a baddy? I guess he's obviously hiding himself for some reason, otherwise Harry wouldn't need to track him down. If the boy uses magic they'll find him easily, because obviously he has the Trace on him. But if he doesn't use magic, there's a bit of a conundrum. I don't know if there really is any particular way of tracking anyone via magic, otherwise the Death Eaters would have done so to the Trio in DH.

    If all else fails, make something up!

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I don't know if there is a definite canon method of tracking people magically.


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    What about pulling a DE trick and making some word that your wanted underage wizard would normally use, that is specific to him particularly, taboo? It would work but you wouldn't want it to be a random everyday word that every other wizard was going to use on a daily basis.

    Also, I think, as the others have already mentioned, that Harry would need to seek some sort of assistance from the Wizarding government that is over the area that he is in. I know in RL if say Oklahoma Highway Patrol is involved in a high-speed pursuit that leads them into another state, heaven forbid, such as Texas for example - the proper agencies need to be advised of what is going on within their jurisdiction and they provide assistance. Whenever a subject is wanted for a crime, a warrant is usually issued for that person with a certain bond amount and information on how far the issuing agency is willing to extradite, at least that's how it works here in the states. We also have what they call witness warrants which have the same information on them as criminal warrants except their is no bond, it's usually for someone that is of dire importance to a high profile case such as murder or attempted murder. These witness warrants are usually full extradition, meaning they will come pick them up from anywhere.

    I hope that information has helped.


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    I think that there probably is a tracking spell, but it's probably difficult magic and illigeal (sp?) unless the Minister of Magic approves.

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    Since he is underage, he could be tracked using the trace so long as he is using his magic. If he isn't using it, you'll need to find a different way. I like the idea of using a taboo to track him. I wonder if there is a way that Harry can put a taboo on only him, because there aren't many words that only one person in the world says.

    Of course, as Phia said, just make something up, if nothing else. Harry certainly didn't experience all of the magical world in those seven years, so it gives writers so much room in the fandom.

    Harry might go to the other country to help track the wizard. But we don't know much about the relations between different wizarding countries. The only canon experience we have is from the Triwizard Tournament and the World Cup, but who knows how the governments get along. In the Muggle world, we know that International Relations are not perfect, by any means. You could easily write that Harry doesn't go to the government of the other country, and maybe even gets into trouble for working behind their back, because England has a bad relationship with them. (Though it may be different because he is Harry Potter.) Or he could go to the government for help. Whichever way works best for your story.

    Good luck!

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