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    Food Storage

    We, as muggle, need our refrigerators and our toasters and our microwaves. But what about wizards? How do they store food that needs to be kept cold ((for instance, meat))?? I cant seem to find any records of this in cannon... would a simple 'freezing charm' suffice?


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    I've always wondered about Wizarding food.

    The only thing Canon I can think of right now is in Book 1 when the woman on the street is griping about Dragon Liver. Obviously, any sort of meat would have to be kept cold. However, if they were selling it in a cart on the street, then something would have to keep it cold, right? A freezing charm is probably your best bet, especially since it's not Canon.

    Another thing I'm thinking of is when Mrs. Weasley is cooking in the kitchen (I can't remember what book it is) and "thick creamy soup" comes out of the tip of her wand, or something like that. Well, we all know from Gopalott's Laws of Elemental Transfiguration that you can't make food just "appear." That makes me wonder if somehow food is stored elsewhere, and then can be used/summoned/cooked whenever needed.

    I hope this was of some help to you. If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to PM me!


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    They probably have something similar to a fridge/freezer, just controlled by magic not electricity. I think a Freezing Charm or similar would be your best bet, then perhaps some sort of cooling spell for a fridge like place? That seems like the most likely option to me.

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