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Thread: Wizard Identification

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    Ghoul in Pajamas

    Wizard Identification

    I'm wondering how wizard identification works. In my story, a bartender only serves wizards of age, but how does he know? Do they carry I.D. around like we do? Or is there a magical test that the bartender can easily do to check their age?

    If there is a test, how does it work? Does it give age? Name? Address? Can it be tricked (like Fred and George tried to trick the Goblet)? Does the person have to willingly submit to the test or can anyone walk up and find who you are?

    I have lots of questions! Thanks so much for any help!

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    Could you use an Age Line, like the one used around the Goblet of Fire? Simply draw one around the bar table, or even in front of the door itself, to prevent underage people from even getting close enough to purchase alcohol.

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    Yeah, I like the idea of an age line; it would work well and would probably be placed at the door! Also, I have a feeling that most underage wizards probably look underage... though there are those few who look older than they are I'm sure. There's also the complication of transfiguring ones self to look older and even possibly taking a potion to become older, such as the twins did.

    It could also be a simple case of a close knit community, though I doubt that everyone in Wizarding England knows each other. However, how many underage wizards would be traveling without their parents? I would take a large bet on the answer to that being very few. If that's the case than the close knit community would work with everyone knowing everyone else.

    If your thinking about possibly just the Three Broomsticks and how Madam Rosemerta can tell, well... she's been at it for a long time and I'm pretty sure she knows when Hogsmeade weekends are. As for Aberforth, his place is a bit dodgy anyways and as Ron put it, he would probably serve an underage wizard just about anything!

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