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Thread: Divination- Can this possiblity be foreseen?

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    Ironic Inspiration

    Divination- Can this possiblity be foreseen?

    Okay, I was wondering the limits to Divination. And I am not talking about Trelawney... I know she was slightly limited in what she knew.

    But she did seem to babble alot about Harry's death... That's where my question resides.

    Is it possible for an expert in Divination to link someone to somone else's death. Say, they see a link between two people's death. I'll give you an example-

    Say an expert in Divination was asked to foresee a person's death, but cannot full see he they would die, though they to have a strong feeling the if Shirley died, than it would somehow link to Joe dying...

    I don't think I'm making any sense and I feel oddly repetitive... I'm sorry. What I mean is, is it possible for two people to be linked together in a way to where if one died, the other would be weakened enough to die themselves, giving another person to take advantage of that fact? Maybe love links these two together in such a way?

    And would a Divination expert be able to see this link of fate?

    If you want more details, please ask. I would really like some feedback.

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    Rhi for HP
    I think I understand what you're saying. And I think the answer is... whatever you want it to be. It's your fanfic, and what you're hypothesizing doesn't seem to break any laws of the universe... I've always wondered if when Trelawney was prophesizing Harry's death she was really seeing the bit of soul within Harry that was Voldemort, and was predicting his death. Hmmm... But anyway, I think that would make sense, what you said. And now I myself am starting to feel random and repetitive.

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    I think this seems pretty possible. I mean, Seers see the future. If that's in the future, than that's what they see. They don't just predict death, even if Harry's was mentioned over and over.

    However, I can't imagine that a Seer's vision is always totally clear. I mean, Trelawny was right about all her true predictions, right? But there were still extra details. She was right about harry dying, but she didn't see that he would come back. Maybe you could tie that in.

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    Ron x Hermione
    What I understood from the question was that if someone was asked to predict how someone was going to die, and they answered, could it be linked to someone else in the terms as if they were in love, or if they were the person that killed them. I too don't think I can word that very well either.

    I don't think it's that easy.

    If a forsee-er was asked to predict something for them [you also have to remember that Trelawney said in Order of the Phoenix that 'The Inner Eye does not see on command!'] and they weren't a loon like Trelawney, I don't think that they would be able to predict it for them if they were a true Seer. If the Inner Eye truly doesn't see on command, and someone randomly suggests that they predict something, then it wouldn't matter anyhow because they wouldn't be able to say anything without telling a lie or making something up, if you know what I mean.

    But if you decided to see past that fact, or allow the Seer to go home or do something else for a few days and come back with an answer [I'm guessing that that is how it works--- if they couldn't do it right off the bat then maybe time will foretell what they are asked], I think that that would work. Maybe that person could be with them, or they are speaking to the Seer as a joke, and that reveals something incredibly sinister between the two.

    I mean is, is it possible for two people to be linked together in a way to where if one died, the other would be weakened enough to die themselves, giving another person to take advantage of that fact?
    I'm not really sure what your meaning is here. Are you talking about three people here, as if Person A died, weakening Person B, causing Person C to come in and take advantage of the fact? Why would they need to take advantage of the person? To kill them?


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    Ironic Inspiration
    Yes, I feel awfully embarrassed for even posting this. It's so off the charts if you get what I'm saying. But, yes, that's exactly what I meant.

    Let's say Person C wants Person B dead, and asks a forseer about their death. They find out that is Person A dies, Person B would be weakened to the point in which Person C could kill them quite easily.... If I weren't typing I would be out of breath.

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    Ron x Hermione
    I got'cha, I got'cha.

    First off, you have to state Person C's ambitions and why they want to kill B in the first place. Once that line is crossed then you can figure out why they would want to kill A after they've killed B to weaken it. So basically, [example] Harry [a] and Ginny [b] are SO in love, and the Death Eaters [c] are trying to kill Harry. If the Death Eaters kill Ginny, and everyone else is dead, then Harry is going to want to die himself. This strengthens the Death Eater's ability to kill him.

    I think that as long as you follow that 'The Inner Eye Does Not See On Command' then you're fine. Also, is this story set in the present time, or a long time ago? Because now-a-days to put it into text you could have the person going to a fortune teller in a spooky little shop and them seeing the silly smoke and charms and things the tellers pull. Most of them are crockpots anyhow, so that doesn't really matter, it's just a suggestion.

    If the Seer really is a true Seer, then I think that they would definitely be able to see this link between the victim and their lover. They may even be able to feel the fact that C gives off a certain aura that screams 'Murderer'. They may also warn this person not to partake of any kind of odd behavior or something that remotely exhibits violence. If the Seer were to try and help they could lie or tell some Aurors.

    Hope that helps!


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    Ironic Inspiration
    That's exactly what I needed! Thank you so much!

    This can be locked and graved.

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