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Thread: One HUNDRED Word Challenge - Weeks 1-10

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    Name: bubblegumpinkhair/Lucia

    Title: To Mock The Wind

    My hair and tattered cloak swirled around me. The hands on my wrist restrained me and pushed me gruffly on. I wouldn’t let them take me, I couldn’t. I needed to get away, I wouldn’t be captive. The wind, it mocked me, reminded me that I could never be free. It wanted to make me tingle with what I so desperately wanted. I vowed that one day I would no longer want it, but have it; out into the world to avenge my Master, to be the one who mocked the wind. I laughed gleefully, but I was pulled onward.

    Title: George's Song

    The sun was blinding, but the wind seemed to make it feel like February, rather than July. Days like these you would not want to be taking a walk, but she grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the shop mumbling about ‘fresh air’. The second the door slammed behind us, a gust almost knocked her down. I steadied her as the most peculiar feeling came over the side of my head where my ear should be. We both laughed and walked on hand in hand, listening to the pleasant tune that the wind was playing on my hole.

    Title: The Wind Cannot Be Caught

    I struggled against her sweaty palm; I wanted to fly. I squirmed again, more forcefully this time, but her hand just clenched tighter. There was a piercing screech and her hand relaxed; I was released. I was free as the cold wind blowing against my wings. No I had more freedom then the wind itself. Nothing could stop me or bring me down. The air blew harder around me as children flew by. Hands tried to grab at me, but I would not be restrained by anyone. I was more than the wind, and even the wind cannot be caught.

    The characters are pretty self explanatory, but in case you missed it the first was Bella, the second was George and Angelina, and the third was a Golden Snitch.


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    red haired mom
    Again I have two, maybe more later though.

    Name: red haired mom
    House: Ravenclaw!

    The Feeling of Freedom

    Sirius Black was free. He could go wherever he wanted. He could feel the sun on his face. But most of all, he could feel the wind through his hair, and his robes. Just having the feeling of that barely there touch made him feel more alive and free than anything else he could imagine.

    In his cell he’d heard the wind howling over the sea, but to actually feel it on him was something he never thought he would feel again. The sun, the moon, the rain, they all paled in comparison to the wonderful feel of the wind.
    Green Light

    Green light rushed at her; she wouldn’t step aside. She refused to allow that deranged killer to have her son. Nothing would stop her from taking that curse. She protected him with all she had left to give.

    Her life would be taken instead of his. Nothing mattered but that. Her son, in his cot would not know how easy it was for her. There was no other option.

    Two words from evil, and the wind rushed at her in the green light. When it hit, she fell, but for feeling the wind she saved him. That’s what mattered most.
    I hope that you enjoy these.


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    Here are my first entries! I hope you enjoy my odd writings!

    Thank You

    There she stood, her eyes full of pain. He couldn’t help her heal, it was the one thing she had to do on her own, but he could comfort her.

    “Ginny, I--” Harry started, wrapping his arm around her waist.

    “I just wish he had had a chance, a chance to…” Ginny couldn’t continue, tears building in her eyes.

    “Fred did have a chance to live, Ginny. He died for what he believed in.”

    It was then that a warm breeze came down across the lake, the wind kissing Ginny’s cheeks. She smiled.

    “Thank you, Fred,” Ginny muttered to herself.
    Stripped Dignaty

    It was dark, the rain pelting the branches of the lonely tree. The wind seeming to rip away its glorious leaves, stripping away its dignity. She was nothing without her beauty. Her minute leaves rippled in the powerful wind, landing on the icy water of the lake. The Whomping Willow wanted to let out a cry, the storm killing her slowly. But trees can’t speak, her pain trapped beneath layers of mossy bark. The willow drowning in her own emotions, left to slowly break down, bit by bit. But what does it matter? No one notices anything but the wind.

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    Name: bittersweet_lullaby/TF
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Don't Worry

    “Ron, bring your teddy -- Fred, dear, don’t bother with your socks -- Percy!” Mrs Weasley herded all of her seven children into the cramped scullery, which was the safest place in their ramshackle house. The wind rocked the house back and forth, and Mrs Weasley worried for a moment that their magic might not be enough to hold it up against the storm. Her youngest child in her arms, Mrs Weasley did a head count to make sure all her children were, in fact, present.

    “Don’t worry, Molly,” her husband said, taking Ginny from her. “We’ll be all right.”

    “I know.”

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    Name: h_vic
    House: Hufflepuff

    Like the Wind

    The cool breeze brushed against Albus Dumbledore’s cheek, and he thought how odd it was that he’d never paid it more attention. The wind was such a complex creature, rich in experiences – from its icy claws on exposed skin to the myriad sounds and scents that it bore.

    It carried the damp, earthy smell of night at that moment, promising something solid and unchanging amidst the whims of the fickle wind.

    There were many things he knew he had taken for granted before that night, like the wind.

    Like loyalty… Like the comforting thrum of his own heartbeat…

    “Severus, please…”
    Obviously, the last two words are from 'The Lightening Struck Tower' in HBP

    Desert Wind

    As Bill Weasley stepped out of the shadow of the pyramid into the full heat of the afternoon sun, the warm desert wind swept around him. He blinked sand from his eyes and adjusted his hat so that it shaded his face completely. It didn’t matter how long he had been out in Egypt, his fair skin still failed to appreciate the weight of the sun’s rays.

    The wind carried with it the low rumble of engines on the horizon. He sighed and turned back to find his supervisor – it seemed the Muggles were making another visit to the site.
    Big Brothers

    Four-year-old Ronald Weasley huddled more tightly under his blankets as he listened to the wind rattle the loose windowpanes and moan down the chimney, sounding just like the ghoul in the attic.

    His big brothers had told him a story before they had gone to bed about monsters that rode on the front of storms and swept down the chimney to eat four-year-old boys. And big brothers were always to be believed!

    Bravely fighting back the tears, he hugged his favourite bear closer and wondered whether the monsters would still find him if he pulled the blanket over his head.

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    Name: Mistletoe
    House: Slytherin
    Title: No Wind
    From the hilltop, I observed the small town below me. It was bustling with life, the streets crowded with villagers. My short fringe whipped into my eyes as I squinted into the sunrise, the morning wind causing the hair to rise on my arms in an attempt at warmth.

    Through the black chunks of hair, I saw him approaching. Before I knew it, my brother’s quick feet brought him within inches of my face. We were identical save for the hideous scowl that lingered on his lips.

    In a hushed tone, he said to me, “She died.”

    The wind stopped.

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    Name: untitlednine or Jackie
    House: Gryffindor, baby.
    Title: Alone. (how emo)

    As Sirius paced across the grounds, there was more than one thing that was unsettling. But of all the things that could have bothered him, only one did so greatly. The air was completely still, no wind to blow his hair about. No wind to blow the autumn leaves over the grounds, swirling in a nonchalant pattern.

    So Sirius strode through the still ground, tears biting to escape from his eyes. If she wanted to follow him, then so be it. But until then, he was content to be alone, without even the wind to keep him company.

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    Okay, so the 100 words made me nostalgic for the QWC.

    Name: Stubbornly_appeared/Stubby
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Flying

    He laughed as he flew alone, soaring through the night air like an arrow from the bow. The stars twinkled brightly, but not bright enough to expell the darkness. Chill flapped under his robes. Silence, too. Freezing silence- a muffling blanket of ice. He could close and eyes and plug his ears and it wouldn't really make a difference because of the speed-blur and the crushing, surrounding blackness.

    And, even though it was dark, even though the stars weren't quite bright enough, he laughed. He was flying; he was free, and there was nothing but the wind at his back.
    Perhaps more later.


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    Snape's Talon
    Sorry about posting this late - cold bug got me at last.

    The winner for last week's One Hundred Word Drabble is ...

    Mistletoe of Slytherin with His Secret Everything

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    Name: Sara/MissBean
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Last Goodbye

    She barreled down the steps and was completely winded by the time she reached the bottom.

    "Draco," she panted; the boy paused before the dying fire but wouldn't face her.

    "I don't know what you're doing, and I'm not going to ask," she said after catching her breath. "I just-"

    "What?" he cried, turning around. His face was pale in the moonlight and hard to read. There was though, within it, a trace of honest fear.

    Pansy stood at the bottom step, eyes sparkling; body heaving.

    "I just don't want to loose you."

    He dropped his head and quietly left.
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