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Thread: One HUNDRED Word Challenge - Weeks 1-10

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    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Love and Truth
    “I can’t take this, Remus!” Tonks yelled, and started to stomp away. “I lay my heart open for you, and you just stand there and say you’re ‘too old, too poor, too dangerous’.”
    She took a shuddering breath and closed her eyes, as though steeling herself to say something. She opened her mouth once and closed it. She sighed heavily, blowing her mousy brown hair out of her eyes where it limply fell back. Finally, she whispered, “I need to know the truth. The absolute truth, Remus. Do you love me?” I opened my mouth too, to speak the truth.
    my first challenge! I am really excited, yes I am!

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    Name: WendelinTheWeird
    House Ravenclaw
    Title: Acid-Green Lies

    *dialog taken from GoF "The Weighing of the Wands"*

    The truth. What an overrated virtue, thought Rita, watching her Quick-Quotes Quill dance across the parchment. This quill had been an extension of her exaggeratingly creative mind for a long time. And now, it had finally reached Harry Potter.

    She looked at the nervous face of the famous Potter. “So, Harry … what made you decide to enter the Triwizard Tournament?”

    He stuttered something, but Rita paid no attention. It didn’t matter what Harry said. She knew what she would write. She’d play on his tragic past, magnify it, and predict a tragic future. After all, the truth doesn’t sell.
    Title: A Freakish Truth

    *dialog taken from PS "The Keeper of the Keys"*

    Petunia held her breath. This can’t be real, she thought. She’d been trying to drown the truth. Now this giant was about to yank the secret out of the water and revive it.

    He spoke. “Harry – yer a wizard.”

    Petunia’s stomach turned over and an echoing silence settled over the tiny hut. Harry responded to him, but Petunia couldn’t hear what his far-away voice was saying.

    She had tried so hard to hide the truth from Harry because she couldn’t bear to repeat the pain of living with magic. But now it was too late. The truth was out.
    Title: Beneath the Lime Green Bowler
    Fudge had been sitting at his polished wooden desk since he and Dumbledore had left the destroyed Atrium to discuss the truth about Voldemort.

    For half an hour, Dumbledore explained what happened in the Department of Mysteries, Black’s innocence, and what actions the Ministry should take next.

    Fudge’s mind had trouble absorbing all of this. After all, he’d been denying Voldemort’s return for a year.

    He spent the next half hour absorbed in his own thoughts. The wizarding world seemed doomed. His career was over. The truth was terrible, but now that he knew it, he was glad he did.
    Title: Gilderoy Lockhart's Guide to Hiding the Truth

    They’ll tell everyone, thought Lockhart, his usual smile gone.

    He was in the drippy tunnel leading to the Chamber of Secrets, but the Basilisk within wasn’t worrying him as much as Harry and Ron knowing the truth.

    He’d been ready to cast his exceptional Memory Charm, but Harry and Ron threw his wand out the window. Without his wand, there was no way to reverse his actions. The truth was out. He’d never publish another book. They’d withdraw his Witch Weekly’s Most-Charming-Smile Awards.

    Whatever happened, it would destroy his popularity. He couldn’t let this happen. The truth would ruin everything.
    Title: Not Myths and Legends

    *dialog taken from CoS "The Writing on the Wall"*

    “I deal with facts, Miss Granger, not myths and legends.” This was true. Professor Binns did prefer truth to lies. But he also felt Dumbledore had a point in urging him not to panic his students.

    The Chamber of Secrets was no myth or legend, and Binns knew that. But all of the teachers were told to not make a fuss, in case this was just an isolated incident.

    Binns trusted Dumbledore’s judgment, even if it meant masking the truth.

    Though they may not know it, Binns cared about his students and would only sacrifice the truth for their benefit.

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    Name: clumsywerewolf2438
    House: Slytherin
    Title: It Can't Be

    Nymphadora Lupin glanced at the clock, illuminated in the moonlight filtering through the window. It was two in the morning. She glanced at her husband, sleeping beside her. As she sat up, he woke. “What’s wrong, Dora?”

    “Nothing, Remus. I just can’t sleep,” she explained.
    There was a knock at the door. The couple got out of bed to answer it, Tonks struggling slightly.

    “Remus? Tonks?” Kingsley inquired as soon as they had let them in. “Haven’t you heard the news?”

    “What?” Tonks asked.

    “Tonks, your father is dead.”

    “It can’t be!”

    “It is.”

    Tonks slumped against Remus and cried.

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    And the Truth will set you free....

    Name: Stubbornly_appeared/Stubby
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: One Last Thing

    He could feel his life slipping out of the wounds all over his body. It flowed out, pooling around him. This is what it came to, he thought. Severus was going to die, and he could do nothing about it. Now, he had nothing more to give.

    He had failed. He had failed himself, he had failed the boy, he had failed her.

    Or so he thought. The boy, the wretched boy, the boy he was about to give his life for- the boy was there. And as they locked eyes, Severus knew that he could give one last thing.
    Title: Pacing

    The chair tipped over, knocked aside sharply. Albus was pacing, he was aggravated, he-

    'Sir?' Severus had walked in on his wild pacing. His expression was somewhere between bemused and frightened. 'What's the matter?'

    Albus stopped, righting the chair. 'No matter of yours.'

    Severus glared. All of the portraits in the room exchanged glances and then marched off to their other locations. Fawkes hooted warily.

    'I assure you, Albus, that you needn't hide the truth from me,' Severus said, carefully and shrewdly.

    Turning to look at him, Albus' eyes burned. 'You can't handle the truth.'
    Sadly, I don't remember the movie I took Dumbledore's last line from. Do any of you know?


    Edit by Mod: It's spoken by Jack Nicholson's character, COL Nathan Jessup, in A Few Good Men.

    Edit by Stubby: Aha! Thank you.

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    Name:Phia Phoenix
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Love me truly

    The vial resting lightly on her fingertips shines, reflecting the sunlight, dazzling Merope much the same way snow would. The rose-coloured liquid inside it seems alive, coiling back on itself as the little bottle tilts back and forwards.

    She can hear her Tom snoring in the next room. Before her, his morning coffee slowly cools.

    He loves me. The slight protrusion beneath the caress of her shift proves it.

    I know he loves me. And so does he – but I want it to be the truth.

    She lets the vial slide from between her fingers and shatter on the floor.
    Title: Voldemort

    ‘When one of the boys in the orphanage was hustled away by a tearful, scarecrow-like woman who called herself his mother, another asked Mrs Cole whether his mummy would ever take him home.

    ‘“Tommy,” she’d slurred, peering at the toddler with watery eyes, “Yer mother’s dead. I’ve told you that before. Everyone dies sometime, and yer ma’s already gone. So will you, someday. Death’s just a part of life, darlin’.”

    ‘He was only three years old. Later, he became known as Voldemort – flight from death.’

    Dumbledore gazed at Harry gravely. ‘But what do you think he fears the most, Harry?’
    Title: The Air I Breathe

    I choke on the sobs as they mingle with the salt water rolling over my lips.

    She doesn’t love me. She loves that Muggle!

    The truth fills me, roiling through every vein, invading my every cell. The pain rises, intensifies, reaches a climax –

    And stops.

    I am a Malfoy.

    If truth is such a weapon, I can use it. I can turn to other friends. Love is… unnecessary. I wince as the pain tries to claw back up my windpipe. If she is the air I breathe, then I must stop breathing.

    I am a Slytherin.

    I breathe Andromeda out.
    That one was for my beta Anna (Hermione_Rocks) because she was the one to introduce me to Lucius/Andromeda! Not that I could ever presume to write it half as well as she does, of course...

    (Avvie and banner by me, quote from Fancy, by John Keats)

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    Name: Azhure
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: I Lied.

    Grieving families surrounded me. It was almost like a graveyard.

    I headed towards one particular group, praying that it was the wrong family. He couldn’t be dead!

    Deep down I knew I was wrong.

    I had felt it before I saw it. Like a crack through my entire soul. My being was brutally ripped in half, never to be whole again.

    I approached the family, just wanting the truth. The mother looked up at me with teary eyes.

    “Oh George!” she cried. “My dear George, he’s gone!” Then the woman broke down.

    I said I wanted the truth, I lied.
    Do You Love Me?

    “Tell me the truth, Do you love me?”

    “Ginny, I can’t answer that.”

    “So you don’t. I should’ve known! You love Hermione don’t you, Harry?”

    “What, are you crazy?” asked Harry, completely caught of guard by his ex-girlfriend. “I love her as a sister, nothing more.”

    “Then why don’t you love me? I haven’t done anything wrong have I?”

    “No of course not! You’re perfect.”

    “Then why don’t you love me?”

    Harry sighed, “I do love you.”

    Ginny looked up at him. “Y-You do?”

    “Of course I do. I just don’t want you to get hurt!”

    “I love you too.”
    So Shall It Be

    I have to die. That is the truth to it all.

    I lived when my parents did not purely because I was needed to die another day, another time.

    I almost scream at the unfairness of it all.

    Strangely enough, I am prepared to do what must be done. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to die. Nothing would make me happier to live past this day, marry the love of my life, watch my children grow up. But as I enter the forest, I know I am ready.

    I was destined to die and so shall it be…

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    And the winner for Week Nine is:

    Phia Phoenix of with her entry It Is a Beautfiul Night.

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    Name: Kasey
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Masquerade

    Wiping the vomit from his mouth, Draco turned to the mirror and saw a pale, pathetic coach roach staring back.

    How could he have possibly thought he would succeed? All he’d wanted to do was prove himself a man and save his family. But the truth was, he was still a boy and he would never find a way out of this mess.

    A tear ran down Draco’s face and he could’ve sworn he felt a cold hand grab his.

    Quickly putting on a mask, he left the lavatory. Because he was Draco Malfoy and he was always in control.

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    Name: MerryD
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Facing Reality

    “Harry, can I ask you something?”

    Harry looked up. “Of course.”

    Luna sat down on the couch next to him, pulling her knees towards her until she could rest her chin atop them. She moved the worn blanket that she’d had draped around her shoulders to cover her knees and feet.

    She played nervously with the fringe on her blue and grey afghan. Luna could feel Harry’s eyes on her.

    “What is it?” he asked.

    “Nothing’s probably really stupid, but I was just wondering....” Luna trailed off.

    “What is it?” he asked again.

    “Harry, do Crumple-Horned Snorkacks really exist?”
    Title: Overactive Imagination

    The Prime Minister gazed into the fire. It was late, that was all. He was tired. He had had a big day after all. With the inauguration ceremony and the actual moving into the office, it was no wonder he was extremely tired.

    And sometimes, extremely tired people hear and see things. And no one has said that those things can’t happen in portraits.

    He’d definitely imagined it. He had to have. Portraits don’t talk or move. It was simply the overactive imagin-

    Green flames were imaginary too. As were people stepping out of fireplaces.

    “Hello, Minister. I’m Cornelius Fudge.”

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    Name: harry4lif
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: I Don't Love You Anymore

    “Ginny is there something that you wanted to tell me.”

    Ginny looked up at Harry and started to talk. “You know that I loved you right. You know that I planned on waiting for you to come back from the war. Well Harry there is something that I must tell you.”

    Harry looked confused. He had no clue what she was going to say. After all when he last saw her, she did say she would wait for him to come home.

    Ginny continued, “I love Draco Malfoy.”

    Harry’s face showed anger but he now knew the whole truth.
    Edit: Here is another one that I just wrote:

    Title: The Truth Hurts

    Kingsley knocked on Remus' and Tonks front door.

    "There is something I need to tell you," he says.

    Tonks opened the door. "What do you need Kingsley?"

    "I think it is better if we step inside and sit down for this," says Kingsley.

    Tonks replied, "No."

    By this time Remus was at her side, waiting to hear what Kingsley said.

    "Tonks, I am sorry to say this but, your father was killed today."

    Tonks turned white and clung to Remus. For if he wasn't standing there, she would have fallen.

    Tonks turned to Remus and said, "It can't be true."
    This is my first 100 words challenge. I hope I didn't do that bad.


    Avvie by Ash/Radcliffefan07 and Banner by Evie/apollo13.

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