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Thread: One HUNDRED Word Challenge - Weeks 1-10

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    Name: Sara/MissBean
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Moonlit Dip

    "I - I won't do it, you can't make me!" she cried quietly, trembling at the edge of the lake.

    Ginny laughed. “Fine by me.”

    With one swift movement, she threw off her cloak and lifted her shirt, moonlight glinting on skin not yet goose-bumped. Fearing nothing, Ginny jumped into the lake.

    “This is mad,” Hermione whimpered. She crouched to touch the cool water, but was met by a splash and a laugh.


    Hermione rose again. And, catching her sleeve on a branch, she tumbled headfirst into the glossy lake.

    “You know, it’s more fun without your robes, Hermione.”
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    Name: Theworldonlyknows
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Preperations.

    The night sky rolled in and the full moon hung elegantly above Gryffindor Tower. The winds howled and each gust battered the thin window panes to the Gryffindor boy’s dormitory.

    Inside, three boys were undergoing preparations for the torturous night that lay ahead. Sirius Black wordlessly stuffed a ragged blanket into a mud-splashed rucksack. James Potter relentlessly threw books and quills out of his trunk on a frantic search for a silky object. Peter Pettigrew muttered to himself but jumped at every crash James caused.

    The room’s tension was high, as they all understood the wrath the moonlight had brought.

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    One HUNDRED Word Challenge - Week Seven

    Here is the seventh One HUNDRED Word Skele-Gro Challenge.

    Visit this thread for questions. Leave this one for entries only. Winners will received five house points. New prompts will be posted each week.

    The prompt this week is ...


    This prompt will close on March 29th.

    Please post your entries with the following:


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    Name: tc015
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: What's the moon made out of?

    “Is the moon made of cheese?” Hugo asked his sister. The two were star-gazing together.

    “Of course not,” Rose replied. “How else would it shine?”

    “I don’t know,” muttered Hugo.

    “Well,” Rose continued, “the moon is made of fireflies. They use their light to make us moonlight.”

    “I don’t think so,” Hugo replied. “I’m going to ask Mum.”

    Going back into the house, Hugo asked his mother.

    “Well,” Hermione started, “it’s made of several elements, including…”

    “How do they the make the moon light up?” Hugo asked.

    “It’s a complex process, starting with…”

    Hugo sighed. He’d never understand these things.

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    Name: bubblegumpinkhair/Lucia
    House: Gryffindor

    Title: Walk On

    There was no door to open. He laid there on his stomach. His hair looked greyed from flecks of plaster. His wand was still gripped in his cold hand. I couldn’t bear to see my best friend dead, so I walked on through the rubble.

    Dust tickled my ankles mockingly as I stumbled into the bedroom. She laid there on her back. Her eyes were blank, reflecting the cold moonlight without a single trace of green. Her son was still gripped in her cold hand. I couldn’t bear to see my Lily dead, so I walked on through the rubble.
    Title: Normal

    He was barely a month old. During better times, we would have taken him to Healers, but we were as good as hiding right now. Remus had taken his potion, locking himself in our room at dusk. I went into Teddy’s room shortly after. His crib was charmed, preventing escape. I sat in the rocking chair, singing to him, waiting for the moon. When the silver moonlight did break through to shine on him, I pleaded with him not to transform, tears threatening. He rolled over and opened those big eyes. He smiled. I smiled back, knowing he was normal.

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    Rhi for HP
    Name: Rhi for HP
    House: Slytherin
    Title: The Moment

    The boy gulped, all-too-aware that this could be the Moment. The moment he made or broke.

    “Lily…” he called hesitantly across the rampart. She turned. The moonlight illuminated half her face, leaving the rest in shadow. “Would you like to go out with me?”

    She turned her face away. Rejection. That was it. And this was the end. Wordlessly he turned around and scurried down the stairs to the Astronomy Tower the same way he had come: two at a time, back bent, hurried.

    He had always hurried through life, waiting for the Moment. And it had come.
    This is 100 words, but it might show up as less due to the hyphens (on my computer, hyphens between words show up as one word even when they're not).

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    Week Six is closed! Results will be posted on Tuesday!

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    Name: bubblegumpinkhair/Lucia
    House: Gryffindor!

    Title: The Sign

    In all the books I’ve ever read, if you want advice from a deceased person, you go to the graveyard and talk to the place where they’d been buried. However, he had died without a body to bury, so instead I sat on his bed, looking out the window.

    ‘Sirius, what do I do? Do I marry her? Please, give me a sign.’

    Immediately a black dog walked down the road, stopping only to look up at me.

    He knew not to have me wait. He knew it wouldn’t take much for me to realize it was what I wanted.
    Title: Grandma?

    Andromeda Tonks tucked her one and only grandson into bed.


    ‘Yes, Teddy?’

    ‘Do I have a mum and a dad?’

    ‘Yes, Teddy.’

    ‘Are they nice?’

    ‘Yes, Teddy.’

    ‘Where did they go? Are they far away?’

    ‘No, they are very close.’

    ‘Then why are they never with me?’

    ‘They will always be with you, Teddy.’

    Teddy lay back down into his bed. There was a question that had been haunted him. He needed the answer; he had been planning to ask all week.

    ‘Grandma, why did they leave me?’

    ‘They left because they love you. They love you very much.’

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    Title: Unexpected Love.

    Scorpius thundered up the stairs into the Slytherin common room. He flung the door to his dorm open, and collapsed on his bed.

    So it’s been what? Five years? I can hate someone for five years and suddenly love them! That is preposterous! Isn’t It?

    Scorpius and Rose were enemies from the beginning. They had both been warned against each other, and both experienced the wrath of the other. However, after one kind gesture from the enemy, their hate, could suddenly turn into traitorous passion, and force them both to fall hopelessly in Love, whether they liked it or not.

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    Rhi for HP
    Name: Rhi for HP
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Revelation

    I am destined for greatness…

    He could almost feel the power within him: a sort of tingling in the extremities, as if golden fire flowed in his veins instead of blood. He hadn’t touched the cup, and yet now it lay in blue shards on the floor….

    He gently stroked his pale cheek with one finger, to be sure of his existence.

    He had been so angry—how dare she send him to his room? He had glared at the cup—and it had exploded.

    He had power. He had control.

    Let the world prepare itself. Tom Riddle was coming.

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