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Thread: One HUNDRED Word Challenge - Weeks 1-10

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    Name: Ayesha/bluexroses
    House: Slytherin
    Title: The Pall Descends

    He watched her from behind the wall, sunlight reflecting off her vibrant hair. She was still fuming from Potter’s latest scheme. He scowled. If only he had been there...

    He clenched his hands into fists, knuckles going white. How could you have been so stupid?! Let it slip, and now she can’t stand the sight of you.

    “Oi! Snape!” called the voice of Avery from behind. He didn’t react, afraid the second he looked away she would disappear.

    “Snape, come on!”
    He had to make a choice.

    Turning, he threw on a veil of secrecy.
    No one will ever know.

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    Name: Marie/ElectronicQuillster
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Lost Dream

    Lily's fingers brushed softly along the satin ribboned edges of the layers of beautiful, white tulle. She cradled the box that held her mother's wedding veil in her lap, lost in thought. The exquisite creation of fabric in her hands was something she'd dreamed of wearing to her own wedding as a little girl. Some of her dreams had changed since childhood, but marrying the man she loved was one that was about to come true. This Muggle veil she couldn't wear to her wedding was a reminder of how dangerous her new world was now. She wanted it anyway.

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    Name: Enneirda/AJ
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Flashback

    "Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!" he screamed in his head as the memories flooded his mind.

    He was ten – the door slammed in his brother’s face.

    He was eleven - walking up the steps of Hogwarts castle for the first time.

    He was thirteen - his best friend confessed he was a werewolf.

    He was sixteen - he yells as his mother protests his moving into the Potters'.

    He was thirty - the voices wouldn't stop. The Dementors kept coming.

    He was thirty-four. The boy looked so much like James.

    The veil closed behind him as the voices shrieked.

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    I LOVE your entry AJ! It's fantastic! *Squish*

    Name: Sammy/MissyQuill
    House: GRYFFINDOR!!!
    Title: An Anticipating Darkness: The Tale of a Lethifold.

    I slither on the forest floor expertly, no twig or branch stop me. The are not obstacles, never were.

    I slither still further, following the sea of darkness that is steadily becoming thicker as more of my kin enter. Yes, we all come, one by one and silently join the dark parade, giving the darkest of storm clouds good reason to be ashamed.

    We have been called for a reason today that is yet known to non but the great veil, himself. And I know we are eager to find out. The great veil always has some... interesting things planned

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    red haired mom
    Name: red haired mom / Wendy
    House: Ravenclaw!
    Title: Only Witches Should Wear Them

    I’ve worn this accursed veil more times than my own cloak lately. It’s a bit annoying to try and see through it. Everything looks fuzzy through the damn thing.

    Sirius did offer to transfigure me to look like someone else, that way I could just go out without it, but who wants to take the risk of being stuck like that?

    I have to spy on the kids, and their ‘meeting’, but for Godric’s sake, can’t Moody find another Invisibility Cloak? Dressing like a witch, should be left to the witches.

    Maybe I can acquire another cloak on my own?
    Just to clarify, it's Mundungus in the Hogs Head during the planning meeting for the DA.


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    Name: dory_the_fishie
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Simplest Desires

    You think you could really go for some tea.

    Nothing extravagant – you’d just like a simple cup of tea. Something to take you somewhere you already miss, somewhere you’ve left too suddenly, somewhere you need.

    It’s the simplest desires that turn you mad.

    You know, because you’ve been here before. You think, you’ve been dead before.

    There wasn’t tea in Azkaban, either.

    There – you can see the veil, fluttering. Just through it, on the other side, back there, you think you can see a cup of tea.

    The steam flutters the way the veil does – impossibly.

    It’s the simplest desires.

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    Week Four is now closed! Results and your new prompt will be posted shortly!

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    Snape's Talon

    One HUNDRED Word Challenge - Week Five

    Here is the fifth One HUNDRED Word Skele-Gro Challenge.

    Visit this thread for questions. Leave this one for entries only. Winners will received five house points. New prompts will be posted each week.

    The prompt this week is ...

    Sticky Toffee Pudding

    This prompt will close on March 15th.

    Please post your entries with the following:


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    Entry Number One:

    Name: XhayleeXblackX or Haylee
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Aftertaste
    I sat alone wallowing at the Slytherin table, eating a bowl of sticky, toffee pudding. So what if I gained a couple of pounds? Eating made me feel better. It was as though the pudding had special healing powers that could always mend my shattered spirit with just three heaping spoonfuls. That was more than I could say for the boy who had just left me standing alone in the Entrance Hall with my heart lying broken on my sleeve and icy tears streaking down my incredulous face.

    Besides, the aftertaste of pudding is much better than that of love.
    Entry Number Two:

    Name: XhayleeXblackX or Haylee
    House: Slytherin
    Title: A Little Bribery Never Hurts
    Blaise walked slowly, but purposely, down the sidewalk toward the small cottage belonging to the Smiths. In his nervous hands, he carried a medium sized bowl of sticky toffee pudding. As he reached the front door of the home, he rang the doorbell, anxiously waiting for someone to answer.

    He watched as the door opened to reveal a petite, dark haired woman with bright, sapphire eyes. He felt his heart flutter as her expression turned stony. Keighlyn had obviously not forgotten their argument, but with the help of her favorite treat, Blaise hoped to win her back.

    “I brought pudding.”
    Entry Number Three:

    Name: XhayleeXblackX or Haylee
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Sneaking Heaven
    The bowl sat on the counter, almost begging me to take a bite. I fetched a spoon from the silverware drawer and stood up to look at the bowl again. Yep, it was still calling my name.

    Hesitantly, I looked around, but no one was coming, so… I stuck the spoon into the bowl. It sank in slowly, and I watched it with greedy eyes, practically dying inside to indulge my taste buds. With one final glance over my shoulder, I brought the silver up to my lips. Ah! The sweet taste of heaven was in my mouth, at last.


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    Name: Weasleyboyfreak (Kayla)
    House: Proud Puff!
    Title: Spoons of Heaven

    “Ronald Weasley!” his mother’s voice called from the sitting room. “Don’t you dare touch that sticky toffee pudding! It‘s for your brothers when they get home from Hogwarts tonight!”

    The five year old redhead smiled sheepishly, taking a step away from the ymmy looking treat. The smell seemed to enchant his nostrils, calling him to take a spoonful into his mouth. Ron stared at it’s spongy goodness, his mouth watering.

    “She’ll never know one spoonful is gone,” Ron said to himself, spoon in hand.

    The little boy looked both ways before taking a large scoop of pudding into his mouth.

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