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Thread: Hermione Granger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hermoine Jean Granger
    If Hermione was in the in-between(a phase between life and death), and in a similar position like Harry in the DH, where do you think she'll find herself to be?

    I think that it would be somewhere which is very close to her, as Harry found himself lying in the King's Cross station at that time. King's Cross station represented freedom in Harry's was the beginning of a new phase in his life, wherein he could enjoy freedom.

    I am looking for a place which caused a major change in Hermione's life. I first came up with Hogwarts Library, but I would like to know of any other choices that might be possible.

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    While I can think of a number of places at Hogwarts that might have a sentimental pull for her -- the girl's bathroom where Harry and Ron saved her from the troll, the Hogwarts Express car where she first met them, perhaps the Yule Ballroom, where she began to transition from girl to woman -- I'd find a story in which she finds herself somewhere connected to her Muggle life more compelling. Perhaps her father's dentistry office, or wherever she was when she received the letter from Hogwarts. Or maybe wherever she was when she Obliviated her parents and sent them to Australia.

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    Does Hermione strike you as the type who would become exceptionally hormonal during her pregnanies? In fact, what are some other pregnancy conditions that Hermione would seem to be exceptionally prown to.

    How do you think her general attitutde would be during her pregnancy? How would she relate to people around her?

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    I think Ron will be fearing for his life and looking out for canaries during her pregnancy.

    Actually, I think she'd read every book there is on the subject, and try to make sure her prenatal nutrition, exercise, etc., is "perfect," and then get extremely upset after she succumbs to those 3 a.m. cravings for mango-and-salmon pizza.

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    I agree with Inverarity on the fact that she probably will read every book there is on the matter. And I do think she will be extremely hormonal. I always imagined that she would have extreme mood swings, probably calm and loving one second, and in the next, she will be yelling at Ron, asking where is the strawberry-flavoured ice cream that she ordered an hour ago (even though she never really did) and then Ron will shake his head, calling her mad under his breath and walk out to get the ice cream


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    I am so unique!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think Hermione would read on the subject and be moody!

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    I see Hermione being EXTREMELY moody, I mean c'mon its not as if she isnt moody already when shes NOT preggers
    Poor, poor Ronald.

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    What dragon species would you most associate with Hermione? I know that her wand is vine and dragon heartstring, and I can't help but be curious as to what type of dragon it was.

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    That's a good question. I would say a Romanian Longhorn or Ukrainian Ironbelly, simply on the premise that they aren't listed as having humans as their preferred diet, where some of the others are.

    But also, the Ukrainian and the Romanian are from fairly remote areas, kind of "loner" animals. Hermione is very much a loner; she's got Ron & Harry, but that's pretty much it. And it seems she's been that way her whole life.

    I have heard it speculated (on LiveJournal, but I don't recall who said it) that the Dragon on the cover of Deathly Hallows was possibly an Antipodean Opaleye, which would of course been the dragon guarding the vault at Gringott's. They're native to Australia, where Hermione sent her parents, and of course the dragon that they were riding allowed them considerable liberties, so you could make a good argument for that. (But they do eat people!)

    Definitely NOT a Swedish Short-Snout; if that's ANYONE's dragon, it's Luna's. And not a Welsh Green; they're "common".

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    I wish Fantastic Beasts would have more information about the different dragon breeds, but I do find it rather fun to fill in the rest of the details myself.

    But I digress. I would have her wand core be from an Swedish Short-Snout, actually. Reason for this is that this species of dragon is comparatively less aggressive than most, but its hide is very magical and sought after for protective gloves and shields.

    Now, Hermione is not an aggressive person, but she would certainly defend anything she values to the death, which I think goes well with the magical uses of Swedish Short-Snout products.

    Also, the flames from this dragon are a brilliant blue and extremely powerful, and Hermione is quite a powerful witch. Also, this reminds me of the waterproof blue flames she was able to conjure in First Year, so there's a possible connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmwinters
    Definitely NOT a Swedish Short-Snout
    We've seen why a Swedish Short-Snout would be related to Hermione in Tim's post, but do you have any particular reason for the opposite? Or is it just because Swedish Short-Snouts relate to Luna more so? It IS possible to associate one dragon with more than one person in the series, because there are so few breeds we know of while there are so many characters in the series...

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