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Thread: Healing potions?

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    Ironic Inspiration

    Healing potions?

    If someone were to hit their head, causing it to bleed (in the back), is there a healing potion that could mend the break in the skin and possibly help the concussion from the hit. Possibly a head injury potion?

    Also, while I'm at it, is there a limit to healing cuts before it scars? If a person were to be hurt really badly, leaving a very deep gash in which they had to go to St. Mungo's, can a potion only do so much? Is it possible to have such a bad injury, you can still be left with a noticable scar? (By the way, this is not the head injury. I'm talking in an over-all sense.)

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    I would imagine there are concussion potions in the wizarding world (or healing spells to the same effect.) I think the head wound would be cured with a spell. So a combination of a spell and a potion would heal the scalp wound and the concussion.

    From reviewing cannon it would seem that all normal cuts, abrasions, etc. can be healed without scaring. The kinds of wounds that do scar are certain types of magically induced injuries, i.e. 'curse-scars' or the kinds of injuries a werewolf receives when transformed. So, if your victim was hit with a dangerous dark curse they might be left with bad scaring. If they just got a very bad cut from a carving knife or something like that St. Mungos could prevent scaring. Some magical scar examples: Umbridge's quill leaves permanent scars on Harry, the brains leave scars on Ron, Lupin has werewolf scars, Dumbledore has a curse scar on his thigh (lol), and of course, Harry's lightning bolt shaped scar.

    Hope all that helps!

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    Dittany is the common healing potion used to cure scars and cuts. As far as I know, if the wound was bad then it can't prevent scarring but it can instantly heal the skin, causing it to reform, and eventually heal completely.

    As for scars, it is definatley possible to have wounds, not caused by Dark magic, that left signifigant scars. Not if the patient went to Mungos though, really, because a skilled Healer would be able to remove any scars. But, if say a Professor or friend, unlearned in healing spells, were to try and heal the wound, they woudn't be able to do it completely. Remember, Harry had been in school for seven years and he didn't even know how to heal a simple cut.

    Or, if an unlearned person tried healing the wound, and then the patient went to Mungos, they still might not be able to remove the scar. Might or might not, tis up to you


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    Quote Originally Posted by A.H.
    Remember, Harry had been in school for seven years and he didn't even know how to heal a simple cut.
    He did, however, learn to use Episkey, and rather easily, too - by the look of it, he learned it after it was applied on him by Tonks to heal his broken nose. He used it on Demelza Robins to fix what may have been a broken lip.

    Also, the countercurse to Sectumsempra appears to be a very powerful healing spell. I wonder if it would work on the tissue that was damaged by other means than Sectumsempra. My personal guess is that it could.

    Sorry, this is a thread about potions. *shuts up*

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    Ironic Inspiration
    Thanks guys!

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