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Thread: Voldemort/Tom Riddle's Patronus?

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    Also I'd like to add a little about love and it's relationship to a patronus. As we know from canon, a patronus is a guardian and is summoned by happy memories/notions. It can also take the form of a loved one or represent a loved one to the caster.

    Well, as Jo herself said that Tom never loved anyone in his life and does not undertand it and therefore always underestimates it, this could very well mean that he wasn't able to. What with he thinking himself so superior, he probably told himself that he didn't need one while actually, had he tried, he would have found out that he really can't cast it.

    The love and purity needed to cast a patronus probably has to do with the purity of the caster's heart and soul which we know he lacked. A patronus, I also believe is more powerful when used to protect others rather then the caster alone, and he would never do that. We know that Dolores could cast one and maybe it's just me but it appeared a pretty weak on as apposed to Harry's, who cast it to protect all the people in the room.


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    I don't think he'd be able to produce a real Patronus, but I think he'd be able to produce a copy that would look so much like on that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

    That is, as everyone else has pointed out, he's pretty much evil and therefore I'd say Patronuses are beyond him. Yet what if he did have to produce one during his NEWTs? My theory would be that he'd make up a new spell on the spot, to create an illusion that seems to be a Patronus but in actual fact is nothing of the sort. And he could turn it to his advantage too because he could make it any shape he wanted. Imagine, if you asked a guy to perform a Patronus and they produce this fluffy litle bunny, then it'd be paramount to passing a personality test. You'd classify them as totally harmless.

    OK, so I'm sort of letting my imagination run away with me. What I'm trying to say is that I agree with everyone else's opinions, you've all got excellent and logical arguments. Voldemort would never need a Patronus to protect himself, but he probably did need one during his exams at school and that's where my "fake" Patronus comes in!


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