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A Japanese!pub would probably be a Nomiya - they are almost the equivalent of a British pub; somewhere you would go for a beer after work, or watch baseball on weekends. Mostly people sit down at counters or tables, though, as opposed to standing around. Nomiyas serve snacks such as Yakitori together with beer (maybe they used to serve Japanese Sake? I'm not sure, I'm too young to know, hee!), and the customers are mostly men coming home from work...I've Googled Nomiya (in Japanese), as pics might give you a better idea!
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Drinking is a very social activity in Japan,
All right, so in these Nomiyas I take it the atmosphere would be pretty social as well. If there was someone at a Nomiya who was being very antisocial and/or reserved, would the Japanese find it strange or even offensive?

Oh and what is the legal drinking age in Japan? I think its 20 but I might be wrong. Also, when Japanese teenagers become old enough to drink, will they often go out and drink (a lot) to celebrate like a lot of American teens do? Thanks.