I'm working on a Tri-Wizard story where a Japanese school is invited to participate. This tounament is a very big deal because it is the first time wizarding schools outside of Europe have been allowed to participate. The other school will be no problem, because it will be somewhere in North America. But when I decided to include a Japanese school, I got to thinking about how Eastern Magic differs from Western.

*Do Japanese student have different subject than students in Europe? What would those subjects be?
*Do the students use wands, or just ones made in different style? Or would they be more likely to staffs, or some other to?
*I'm pretty sure that East Asian students don't use Latin spells for their magic. Do they use Chinese for their spells?
*Do think think there are some Japanese wizards have integrated into large cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto? Or would they live in smaller, more remote villages? Remember, Japan is mostly urban and has one of the highest poplation dencities in the world.
*Do you think the students consentrate on more subjects than others, subjects that might be considered more western.
*What could some classes be at a Japanese school that wouldn't be at a school like Hogwarts?
*How do you think they would behave socially towards the western students?
*What would the teacher be like? Students in Japan are very respectful of their teachers. Do think they would have more teachers than just the headmaster.
*I heard one custom where the younger students serve the older ones in the idea that they will learn. Do think they would bring some first years along for this purpose?

And any other cultural and language help you guys think would be relevent.