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Thread: French Death Eaters?

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    Ironic Inspiration

    French Death Eaters?

    Is it possible for Voldemort to go to France and get more followers....Maybe for the variety of wizards and Dark Arts?

    In my story, I was wanting Voldemort to go get followers and France and prepare them for a battle at Hogwarts.

    Would French wizards know different Dark Arts?

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    Mollie Black
    Hmm... you know, that's a good question. I can see Voldemort trying to recruit followers from several different countries, but you've got to consider language. The spells would probably still be the same since they're based on latin, but would communication be easy? Does Voldemort even speak French? How do we know that France doesn't already have a Dark Lord? Will Voldemort try to overthrow him also?

    Just some things to think about...


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    It is a good question. I suppose some people would share Voldy's views and join him, but others would probably want to stay home with their fmailies.

    You've also got to consider this is Voldemort we're talking about- he blackmails and tortures people in following him as Sirius said in OOTP, so if all else doesn't work, you can use Imperised people and such.

    ~Padfoot's two knuts

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    Ironic Inspiration
    Those are good points... See, I just always thought that it might catch everyone in England off guard if he had a bunch of pureblood French Wizards. Also, I'm not sure if language would be a huge problem... In GoF, they all seemed to know fairly good English, though it was obviously not their first language at all.

    If all else fails, Voldemort is a very intelligent person and might know French himself...? Not to mention that I think people such as the Malfoy's would have connections everywhere, even France.

    Just an interesting thought.

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    I imagine that Voldemort would reach as far out as possible. I mean, I would. Why just settle for one place? He has the abilty to travel the world, does he not?

    PLus, he was recruiting Dementors, Giants, all kinds of creatures. If he's "stooping as low" as half-breeds and complete non-humans (come on, it's Voldy), I imagine he'd definatly go international.

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    I definately think Voldy would recruit in various countries. He wants anyone and everyone he can possibly get as a follower, and he'll stop at nothing to get them. The language thing, do you really think Voldy does all of his dirty work all on his own? Lol...he could just as easily get one of his Brit death eaters who just happens to know French jet on over there and pick up some


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    Karkaroff was a Death Eater and he was Russian, so I assume its possible for people to join the Death Eaters from abroad. I think Voldemort's scale was international; he was likely feared in more than just Britain. Grindelwald's influences spanned all of Europe, perhaps Voldemort was the same, drawing followers regardless of their country.

    I agree with the idea that he probably has his people in France; French people speaking on his behalf, gathering followers abroad. I find it hard to believe that someone as power hungry as Voldemort would have stayed withing his borders.

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    It doesn't specify in canon where Kakaroff is actually from. Obviously he is from and lives in Russia (or wherever Durmstrang is), but it is quite plausible that he was living in Britain at the time he was recruited, given his familiarity with the language. That said, I agree that Voldemort would definitely see foreign wizards as an option, but I think his aim was to first conquer Britain, giving himself a relatively strong base from which to launch his campaign for the rest of the world. Maybe he could feel like he has Britain almost taken and start his recruiting early?

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