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Thread: Voldemort/Tom Riddle's Patronus?

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    Voldemort/Tom Riddle's Patronus?

    Any ideas on what his Patronus was as a young teenager, before he became Voldemort?

    My thoughts or the now:

    I actually don't think that he can produce a patronus, or would not feel the need for one. I think that he doesn't really feel proper, human happiness so that might mean that he can't make a patronus.

    As Tom Riddle - Well, I have no idea what his would have been, or the memory used.

    Can he create a patronus now, as Lord Voldemort?
    What would it be if he could?
    What was the memory he used for a patrounus as Tom Riddle?
    What would it have taken the form of?


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    Can he create a patronus now, as Lord Voldemort? I find it hard to imagine. What happy memories could he possibly produce? He’s evil. I don't think he would need to use it anyways.

    What was the memory he used for a patronus Tom Riddle?
    Probably going to Hogwarts. He disliked the orphanage and he was obviously very attached to Hogwarts, as we were “told” by Dumbledore.

    What would it have taken the form of? A snake, symbolizing Slytherin, and his ability to speak Parseltongue.

    Just my thoughts on the matter.


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    These are some very good questions!

    Can he create a patronus now, as Lord Voldemort? I doubt it. Voldemort can't feel or even understand love and happiness is sort of like that. He might not be able to remember much happy memory's. We don't know if he remembers his emotions at certain times.

    But then, why shouldn't he be able to? He is technically human and we do know that he feels happiness at times, from Harry's scar. I'm not sure that he would need to though. Can you imangine Dementors standing up to him? They did join his side after all.

    What would it be if he could? I think a snake that's a lot like Nagini. He was very close to that snake.

    What was the memory he used for a patrounus as Tom Riddle? Maybe when he found out he was wizard? Or maybe when he found he was related to Salazar Slytherin. Tom did like to feel like he belonged.

    What would it have taken the form of? I think a snake. I have a feeling that Tom felt protected by them because the first time he felt that he belonged was when he was sorted into Slytherin and a snake is the symbol for that house.

    Well, hope I helped!


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    Can he create a patronus now, as Lord Voldemort?
    I think JKR said somewhere he couldn't, nor could any of the death eaters, but I think he should be able to. He definitely had the happy memories and the magical ability to do so.

    What would it be if he could?
    Everyone here seems to think it would be a snake, and I agree with them. Even when he was making a horcrux, something that would save him from mortality, he chose a snake. So, it is quite clear that he thought of a snake as a protection, be it from mortality or a mudblood status.

    What was the memory he used for a patrounus as Tom Riddle?
    Um, maybe when he finally left the orphanage, or when he found out he was a slytherin descendant.

    What would it have taken the form of?
    My answer is same as the one for Voldemort.

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    I actually firmly believe that he never could make a patronus.

    Even as a child, he displayed violent tendencies and always preffered force over other forms of power. If he were to learn how to overcome the effects of a Dementor, he would do so by trying to devoid himself af all emotion as apposed to conjuring a happy one to repel them.

    I also think that he never felt the need for one as he has always underestimated what he can't understand. He would always look for a darker, more powerfull (in his view anyway) alternative.

    But for the sake of the argument, I think that were he able to conjure one, it would without a doubt have been a snake, what with him beeing a parseltongue and descending from Slytherine himself. Lets just say I don't see it being a bunny rabbit.=Sammy

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    Can he create a patronus now, as Lord Voldemort?

    I believe he could be capable of summoning a Patronus because he can definitely feel happiness, although I'm not sure if the word 'happiness' was ever used in direct reference to him. (Note to self: check.) But the impression I have is that other words were used. JKR is careful in respect of words, very careful. I definitely recall 'exultant'. 'Happy' I'm not sure about.
    I hope to return to this argument once I have canon to either back me up or crush my idea.

    However, I think that he would not use a Patronus because Patronus is firstly and foremost, a protector. Tom Riddle never seemed to seek any protection or companionship, preferring to operate alone even at the age of ten (remember Dumbledore's comments on the memory, when Tom refused to be accompanied even to the Diagon Alley). Whenever he sought minions, it was for more power, not for protection. The only way he would protect himself from something would be to conquer, defeat, destroy - not shield himself.

    Shape of Patronus:
    For the sake of the argument, again - the serpentine element definitely. Maybe a Basilisk? King of Serpents, after all. As befits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomsbury Webchat Transcript
    Samantha: Was Snape the only Death Eater who could produce a full Patronus?

    J.K. Rowling: Yes, because a Patronus is used against things that the Death Eaters generally generate, or fight alongside. They would not need Patronuses.
    If the Death Eaters couldn't produce a patronus, despite the fact that someone of them (Lucius Malfoy) did have a few normal human emotions, and all of them definitely had more normal emotions than Voldemort. They weren't as evil, as sadistic, as psychotic (well, one could argue about Bella, but still) - and their souls were whole. I find it difficult to believe that Voldemort would be able to produce a Patronus.

    I also find it hard to believe that Tom Riddle would be able to produce one. He began research on the Horcruxes early (while he was still at Hogwarts) and even before then he was violent and displayed a love for cruelty (whatever he did to those kids in the cave). He was always on that path. I don't think he'd ever even want to produce a Patronus.

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    Thanks for all the ideas so far - as I said and as everyone else has said so far, I think that you're right in saying that Voldemort would not be able to make a patronus, or at least wouldn't see the need for one - keep the ideas coming!

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    Can he create a patronus now, as Lord Voldemort?

    I firmly believe not. I picture a Patronus a positive energy, since it repels the darkness, and there is no way that Voldemort could have that type of power. Remember hat Dumbledore always said that there were a great many things that Voldemort did not understand, and surely positive thought and feelings would be part of that.

    What would it be if he could?

    If he could produce a Patronus, it would definitely be a snake, seeing as he was a direct desendant of Slytherin. Also, if Patronuses (patroni?) are supposed to protect you, didn't Voldemort always feel protected by evil things e.g. Horcruxes, which is another reason why he wouldn;t be able to produce A Patronus.

    What was the memory he used for a patrounus as Tom Riddle?
    Probably torturing someone...because what else would he find happy? He won't be able to make something positive out of such negative thoughts. Maybe perhaps finding out that he was a wizard, if it has to come to that.

    What would it have taken the form of?
    See answer above.

    Hopi I helped

    words were never so useless
    (as those you have just read)

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    Can he create a patronus now, as Lord Voldemort?

    Jo said that most of the Death Eaters can't produce a Patronus (and specifically named Draco Malfoy here: ), but she also said that Umbridge was able to conjure a Patronus while wearing the locket here (

    The Dark Lord is known to be capable of extraordinary magic, and he had the highest grades (or exam scores, I don't recall offhand and don't have my books with me to check) Hogwarts had ever seen.

    Even assuming that Remus Lupin's pronouncement that the Patronus is "well beyond the Ordinary Wizarding Level" is accurate, and even assuming it's not taught at all at Hogwarts, I think you could go either way with this. You could have him be able to cast because he excels so much at magic, or have him unable to, because of the nature of his mental disorder.

    What would it be if he could? What would it have taken the form of?

    Probably a basilisk or other snake-like creature.

    What was the memory he used for a patrounus as Tom Riddle?

    Assuming he could cast one in the first place, I'd say this has to have something to do with him finding out he's a wizard, or his superior skills in magic (he's a natural Legilimens, for example), or his connection to Slytherin.

    You have to understand, as a child he was far more intelligent than most around him, making him feel superior to them. Then he found out he was a wizard, which made him feel even more superior. Then he found out that he had a great deal deal of aptitude and raw power that most even in the wizarding population lack, furthering his superiority complex. Then he found out he was a direct descendant of the founder of the House he was sorted into (which would give anyone a superiority complex), but also Slytherin shared Riddles views on the inferiority of Muggles. As far as he's concerned, he's the most superior of a group of superior beings who are the cream of the crop in the first place. I think that could give anyone positive feeling. Remember, Harry tried to use his own memory of finding out he was a wizard to cast his Patronus, too, and he's not the direct descendant of a Founder.

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