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Thread: Must you be standing to Apparate?

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    Must you be standing to Apparate?

    I have looked in the lexicon and I was wondering, do you have to turn in order to apparate? I know destination, determination, and deliberation but do you have to be standing? I know this seems odd but I am working on a story in which Ron is working on something with a Muggle and she does not know he is a Wizard. They are in her car when they are involved in a serious care crash, I want Ron to be able to apparte them out of the car before it blows up (after this he has to tell her he is a Wizard ) I just want to know if it is possible. His destination would be the grassy area on the side of the road, he is determimned to get them both out of the car and to safety, he deliberately grabs her to get her out (the car is either going to go over a cliff or is about to get hit by another verhicle why they are upside down)


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    Well if I remember right, in DH Harry and Hermione Apparate whilst falling out of a window (to escape Godric's Hollow), so I'd say that no, you don't have to be standing to Apparate.
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    *slaps head*

    I toatlly forgot about that. Thanks, it will make that part of my story much easier.

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    You're supposed to "twirl", although there's really no explanation given for that, and I imagine that for an experienced Apparator, you could do it from any position.

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    I suppose if the car is going over a cliff they could twirl out the window

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    Okay, in that case at the VERY least even if you "can't" Apparate while seated, your involuntary magic would take over.

    Harry Apparated at like, age seven. From behind the dumpsters to the top of the school.

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    I reckon you should make Ron attempt to twirl while captive of a seatbelt.

    But yeah, I think you can do it however in that kind of situation.

    I completely forgot about harry getting on his school roof!

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