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Thread: Potions help needed.

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    Potions help needed.

    I hope I am posting in the right place, and I apologize profusely if I am not, but I need some potions help.

    I have a story where a potion has been prepared while people watch. It has been given to them, and they have been told who it is for. However, they do not know what it does, and wisely decide to find out before they use it.

    This potion, however, can be more than one thing. The person who gets it gets to decide what it is for. I am thinking that:

    This would require adding a specific new ingredient for purpose A/a different specific new ingredient for purpose B and that once the potion has been thus used, you coudln't go back and change your mind.

    Does this seem to make sense? Would a potion work this way? What could I call it? A protean potion does not seem quite right, (although it sounds really cool) and it seems like something in the name ought to indicate that it can change... and being once changed is changed everywhere it is used, forever...

    It also seems to me that lily of the valley is a possible ingredient in a memory potion.

    I am wondering what other people think.

    And if I am in the wrong spot, I do apologize... and beg to be relocated to wherever my weak mind should have put this to begin with...

    Thanks to Joanna for my very first ever banner!

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    The potion itself wouldn't be able to change because of the drinker. That is essentially impossible considering the ingrediants will only have one outcome.

    However, I'm not sure if this will fit your story, but you could have each person add a different ingrediant to a neutral potion. Go to the Lexicon to find a complete list of potion ingrediants used in Harry Potter, and you could look up different kinds of herbs and spices used in Muggle cooking/rituals/whatever and find one that sounds like it will fit the potion.

    Why are the people taking the potion? If I knew the use of it I could probably help out a bit more.

    Good luck, and this is the right spot for the question, if I'm not mistaken.

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    You know, that' a really good idea for a potion. It's like, a Potion of Requirement....actually, that's exactly what it is. Maybe you have to think or want it really bad to have the perfect potion for your need.

    I think you should take something extremely exotic and rare, very hard to get, and put it in the potion. Maybe the blood of a special animale...maybe the blood of a Phoenix... think about it, they have healing tears, so their blood could do just the same, but more.

    Just a thought.

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    Ah! I got an idea for how you can make it change. What about using an ingredient from like, a Boggart or something, or any other magical creature that changes?

    Other than that, maybe you can add more of a magical element to the potion to make that happen.

    /2 cents

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    So essentially, you have a potion *base*, and the base is divided up amongst the people, and whatever final ingredient(s) is/are added to the base changes the potion that the individual makes?

    Sounds like you'd need some chimera parts in there but it sounds plausible if done right.

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