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Thread: Wizards and Muggle Wars

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    Wizards and Muggle Wars

    Take World War II as an example - we know that in it's last year (1945) a whole lot was happening in the wizard world as well - Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald, and 1945 was Tom Riddle's final year in Hogwarts. My question is how do Muggle wars effect wizards? Muggles have had their fair share of clashes and since wizards live scattered around the Muggle world, there must have been some repercussions. How did wizards survive bombings? Bomb shelters like the rest of humanity? Did wizards ever aid Muggles in their wars? Would the British Prime Minister have asked the Minister for Magic for help?

    Basically, how did Muggle wars effect witches and wizards?

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    I think that muggle wars would make an impact on the wizarding world - as we have seen the destruction from the First and Second wars in the wizarding world made a huge impact on the muggles, and I would think it would be the same in reversed situations.

    I don't think that wizards would nessecarily (sp?) include themselves in muggle wars, as they seem to prefer keeping distance between their own and muggle affairs.

    It's a very interesting question, and I'm looking forward to see what other people think

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    I think they would definetly effect each other. I'm assuming there's a way they can protect their house from bombs, like a charm, but I gotta say a drafted wizard would be interesting:S

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