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Thread: Destined Lovers/Couples

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    Ironic Inspiration

    Destined Lovers/Couples

    Could it be possible for to Wizards to be completely destined for one and other? True love, but almost stronger. Like nothing can really stop them from being together, no matter what. What I was thinking, (this is for a story) that maybe wizards have always been destined for each other, and no matter what, find each other. And of course, they aren't aware of it. But what is someone like a Divination expert pointed it out that a couple are destined to be together, when it's completey dangerous for one of them? And would if once they well in love, the bond is so strong, that if one dies, the other is weakened? (They don't die, that's a little dramatic, but they are weakened because such a big part of their life - the love of their life- is gone forever)

    Let's say that Harry and an OC are destined for one and other... and Voldemort finds out. So, of course his main plan would be to have them fall for one and other, and then kill her to weaken him.

    It was just and idea I was thinking about for a story. I want some honest, but helpful answers. I didn't put it in Skel-Gro, because I feel like I'm not really asking about my plot.

    This is very random; I was just getting creative.

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    Hmm.. I don't know whether this is Reference desk material... My rule of thumb for posting any Help! threads is to actually develop the plot first, and atleast make an attempt at submitting it (or plan on submitting it) before asking questions. Otherwise, the Hospital Wing would get very cluttered. Just MO, though, teh Mods probably aren't as strict as I think them to be

    So anyways, your question. I think it is possible that two people are meant for each other. Especially considering how almost all couples who find each other in school, wind up married. Molly/Arthur, James/Lilly, Hermione/Ron, Harry/Ginny, etc. What's more amazing though, is that they stay married. Definately unlike the Muggle world.

    To answer your question, yes, I believe that Wizards could have destined soul mates. You would have to explain this in full though, because your introduction paragraph about the idea was a bit confusing XD

    You could also incorporate the Muggle myth that a loved one "feels it" when their partener or family member dies. Maybe take that, and exadgerate it in Magic terms. Just an idea


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    Interesting query! I think it is entirely possible for two wizards to be destined for each other. However, if you are writing the story on this basis then you have to take into consideration that therefore every character has to have a "love of their life" they may never meet. Sad huh?! I agree with writing an introduction explaining and developing this idea, but maybe you should also write about how someone is supposed to know if their partner is "The One."

    Hope I helped!


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