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Thread: SPEW Banners

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    I noticed that these banners have disappeared from QueenHal's post, so I'm reposting them. PLEASE do not credit me!

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    jenny b
    I found a few random pictures on my desktop today that were saved from ages ago ... I thought SPEW might like a few new banners to help with our recruitment this month.

    They're not amazing, but I like them.

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    Hello lovely SPEWers.

    In response to the lovely Fantasium's BA challenge, I give you a gift. If you don't like, the receipt is included and you can exchange it for another size or color.

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    I will shortly be posting the wonderful, wonderful banners that were made for us by the BA for their last challenge, but for now I will give you these random ones. Enjoy!

    (Yep, that's your mascot and her littermates in the last banner - Aska's in the middle. :D)

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    Aww, look at this poor little thread, neglected for so long! I'd better do something about that. :) *gets out duster and new banners*

    Enjoy! :D

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    So... I thought that, perhaps, those of us who are writing Spooky Swap stories might want to tell the world (well, the forums) about it by wearing something shiny in our signatures. If you fancy one, feel free to use any of the banners below! :)

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    jenny b
    *dusts off thread*

    I come with banners for 007! Nothing special, seeing as they're my first bannering attempt in years, but at least it's something.

    And this one was made by the fantabulous BB/SainynSwiftfoot:

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    Okay, here is a HUGE disclaimer. I am, by no means, a bannermaker. I have been trying for years, and I'm pretty much a lost cause in this. However, in the spirit of teamwork (and because Madam Jennifer asked so nicely), I broke out GIMP (not my favourite program, but it suited my needs) and did something for SPEW 007. Please don't judge me too harshly, both for talent level and choice of characters, lol.

    I suppose, if you find these appealing and wish to use them, you can credit me by name or username. Enjoy my over-obsession with cartoons!
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