*How would two Arabic people greet each other? (Casual and Formal, both from Teacher-Student and Student-Teacher)
in any situation they would say Salam wa alaykum and then the other person would reply wa alaykum alsalam. both phrases mean peace be upon you. if it was a casual thing they might say marhaban which means hello. but stick to salam wa alaykum. if you want to say bye, use ma salama.

*What are some basic foods they would eat?
*What are some basic drinks they would drink?
they would most likely be muslim although there is the smallest possibility they were christian. they wouldn't eat pork or dring alcohol. most commonly in all arab countries people eat lamb meat quite frequently with rice. also, they would eat plenty of sauces with breads. drinks would be fruit juices like mango or guava.

*By large were most families Patriarchal or Matriarchal?
sorry, not too sure.

*How was the family composed? (Today, the "idea" model is 2 parents and 2.3 children - what was the Arabian model?)
*Were large families encouraged?
most families are quite bigg, but i think 2 children would be kinda believable. families would be familiar with extended family quite well so it wouldn't be uncommon if someone was good friends with their mum's cousins daughter or dad's uncles' son. families would live quite close to each other (in the same town or neighborhood). large famiulies were encouraged becasue it was seen as good to have a big family.

*What was Arabia's relationship with other countries?
arabia isn't really a country but just the name given to a general area of arab countries. i'm not an expert in this area but i think that in general countries didn't get along so well. maybe they did so don't take my word on it.

*Were there any common name trends?
islamic names are probably the easiest choice. for boys there are the common ones like Mohammed, Ahmed, Abdullah, Ibrahim, AbdulRahim, Khalid, Tariq. for girls, you could do religious ones like Khadijah or Fatimah or Aisha. there are others for girls like Abrar (my name), Leena, Maha, Tasneem, Nada, Dania. i hope these are enough but you could probably find more on an online islamic baby names dictionary.

i hope this has been of assistance to you, i'm not really an expert on this stuff but just gave you stuff from my own life knowledge. good luck with your story, i'd be interested to read it.

No longer very relevant, but a good resource.