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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 14 and still going!

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    James Jameson, you should be able to see that forum and the threads in it. I've checked the permissions and everything looks okay. PM me if you are still having troubles.

    Edit by Julie: You must be Sorted and listed as having your House as your primary usergroup to see the forum, I believe.

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    Is the main site closed for the weekend now? i dont want to go and check in case i break it...

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    Yes, the site is now closed. We'll let you know when it's safe to visit again.

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    Updates Still?

    Before the main site closed, it said that the updates would only be happening this weekend. Today's monday, but when I tried to check it it was still being updated. Is this just maybe my time-zone (7:00 CET) or are the updates going to take longer than originally thought?

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    An announcement will be made when the updates are complete. Until that announcement is made, please refrain from visiting the main MNFF site.

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    when will the fan fiction be back up? I am going through sever MnFF withdrawals.

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    I was just wondering how much longer it is going to take for the updates on the main site as you said they would be happening this weekend and it is now nearly tuesday. (just 2 hours off. )

    Don't bother answering this actually. I hadn't see the question above me when I posted this.

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    The update will take another day or two.

    Please read the Announcement forums.

    In the mean time, please stop sending PMs and/or asking about the update in this thread. It doesn't help the process, and it's clogging my inbox and keeping more important PMs pertaining to problems with the site from coming in.

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    I was looking at my "manage stories" page and one of my fics is missing. It was my entry for the Gauntlet Round Five. Is there any specific reason it was deleted? It was on there earlier today... I know there is probably no way to back it up without resubmitting, but I'd just like to know why it was deleted, if there even was a reason considering the site glitches.

    Thanks mods, you're doing a wonderful job,

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    XhaleyblackXblackX - I had to mass-delete some stories today that didn't have any reviews. Your story was probably sandwiched between. PM me what your story was called, and I'll restore it. Sorry!

    This goes for anyone else's story that might have gone missing sometime today.

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