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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 14 and still going!

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    xombie, to add to what Sandy said, the people you can see should be those users who also have stories posted. The people who have favorited you that you cannot see should be those who have not had any stories posted.

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    I want to write a fic about a teen pregnancy at Hogwarts, the baby's going to be born in the summer(if I don't change my mind), and I wasn't planning on having the certain scene in the fic. What should the rating be if the certain scene(I hope you know what I'm talking about) isn't in there? Or would this type of fic not be allowed on MNFF?(It's about the teen pregnancy, not sex. Just wanted to make that clear.)

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    missgiggles316, the rating would depend on how detailed the description of the scene is. The more detailed the description the higher the rating. If you would like a more concrete answer, you can PM me the scene you are asking about and I'll let you know.

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    General Usage

    Hi Mods-- sorry to use this space like this; I'm sure it's an easy answer. I signed up a couple of months ago but haven't really gotten involved in the forum community too much. Aside from volunteering to beta or asking for story help, what are the main activities to do on the forum?


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    Allymarieus - Firstly, welcome to the forums! There are plenty of things to do here besides just volunteering to beta and helping/seeking help with your story. I'd recommend you check out the New Members Guide to the Forums thread in the Navy. You'll find information on what you can do in which forums and what groups you can join. Our Hogwarts school is a special favorite here, and several of our members take advantage of that. Good luck and have fun exploring what we have to offer!

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    I have two technical questions:

    It's been a few months now: sometimes, MNFF (both the forum and the archieve) site don't open. It just randomly gives HTTP 4400 error, and comes back after approximately ten minutes. That's a completely random occasion and I'm yet to discover why it happens. I checked my internet connection, but this problem only occurs for MNFF and not for any other page or site. I wonder if anyone else has ever had the same problem or this is just another way of my devices to taunt me.

    Secondly, on the archieve, when I click on a username (I tried to go to the userpage of one of my favorite authors, and then tried the same for my own username), it gives a random error - something funny like "unexpected request" Is that normal, is it temporary, or is it, again, my problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: *giggles* Thanks, Beth
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    kehribar - Receiving the 4400 error while on forums means that there are too many people on forums. I haven't see the 4400 error on archives, so I can't say why that happens. As for receiving the username error , it's because you've caught me updating the site >.> I'm currently working on adding something to aid us in the purging process. Don't worry about it when you see that error; it just means I made a little boo-boo and am currently try to rectify it! I'm usually good about making it go away though (and getting the user page to come back!). Thanks for your vigilance!

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    Firstly, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place or has already been asked, but I didn't see it yet so I thought I'd go ahead and ask the question.

    Couldn't we have something of a challenge thread here? Where we can post story challenges, people can enter, and we could have polls of sorts to find a winner, or like HPFF's forums, not have a winner at all? I thought it'd be kind of fun if we have challenges, preferably somethings that are a little more interesting than ones I've found before and it could really inspire some writers. It's just an idea and it might play well with the rest of the group here at MN.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm not able to post in any of the threads in "Classes". Can you please tell me why?

    Thanks in advance,

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    snowybella - We do issue forum-wide challenges in the Great Hall, which you can see only if you're sorted into a House. A lot of people also find inspiration just browsing the Hospital Wing forums and getting an idea of what type of work other people are doing. There's an adoption center in the Fiction Junction where you can use plot bunnies that other people can no longer tend to.

    Sainyn Swiftfoot - You must be in the School Students usergroup. To request to join, go to your User CP, Select "Group Memberships," and click "Join Group" under the appropriate usergroup. You will then have to wait until a moderator approves your membership request.

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