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Thread: Ask a Moderator - Part 14 and still going!

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    Nymphea - Just respond again. Our server has nothing saved in your response box so there's not much we can do otherwise. You may not have waited to see if your response went through; the response field is working for everyone else.

    hpheart - Log in and uncheck it. Or clear your cookies.

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    Hello, mods.

    I was wondering if there was a way to see the archive of news posts on the MNFF main site. Before the upgrade, it was possible. Just curious if we are still allowed to view them or if they had been deleted.


    Edit: Thanks, Julie! I will PM you.

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    KC: During the upgrade, we moved a lot of the News Archive stuff offsite to conserve server space. It's stored in a place where users don't have access. If there is something in particular you're looking for, I can attempt to locate it.

  4. 04-10-2008, 02:32 AM

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    technical problem it seems


    I have more of a technical problem, though I'm not sure where to address this. If somebody could enlighten me that would be great. However, if this is not the correct place to be asking this, then kindly guide me as to where to ask.

    Problem: Everytime i sign into the forums and browse through the various threads, i can't see any banners. Only the urls are visible. However, if i browse through without signing in, the banners can be clearly seen.

    So what I'm requesting to know is that Why this is happening and what i can do to prevent this (i.e. how i can see the banners even when i sign in)

    with Warm regards

    EDIT: Thanks a ton! it seems to be in order now.

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    Under your User CP, click edit options. Scroll down until you see three boxes related to visuals - show banners, show avatars and show images. Make sure the appropriate boxes are checked.

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    Dear Mods,
    I read Beth's post about the Edit Bio solution. I'm not quite sure I understood it. If, we're desperate enough to edit our bio, we will essentially get a new account? O.o Yet we're keeping our username? Perhaps it's late at night and I'm not following but could someone clarify this for me?


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    I'm about to submit a story, where Neville's parents play an important role, but they aren't actually present in the story, they're just mentioned a lot. I'm not sure however I'll need to add a mental disorders warning?

    Also when we're at the subject of warnings, how do I add more than one warning? Maybe I've missed something, but this far I have only been able to choose one at the same time.

    Thank you for all the help you can give me

    MvH Johan

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    mugglemathdork - Please PM questions about the edit bio post to me. But essentially, you keep your old account. I just create a new one for you and with all the same things but without the images because with images, even I can't edit it for you.

    JOHN91043353 - You may or may not need the warning. It depends on how much of the damage you show. And your second question was answered already. Hold the CTRL key.

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    Hi, mods,

    Beth, I read your last post, and I need to edit my bio. I have two questions about this. First, do we have to PM you to ask you to do this, and secondly, would we be able to put up images/banners?

    Thanks, guys!


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    harry_victoria - Again, I ask that you direct questions about the edit bio post to me via PM. But both of your questions were answered in the post I made:

    If you are desperate to edit your bio, please post here.

    You WILL lose ALL images on your bio. And you will NOT be able to add them back until this is fixed

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